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The Mile End Road Plan

Increase taxes, lower interest rates, print more money.

Yep, that’ll do it.

9 thoughts on “The Mile End Road Plan”

  1. What a hoot! I see the Ely knob-end is now writing for Novara Media.

    Ash Sarkar – “I’m literally a communist”
    Murphy – “I’m literally a fascistic, intolerant cvnt”

  2. How do we like the Tory Plan:

    * Get elected promising to do Conservative stuff

    * Repeatedly fail to deliver much in the way of Conservative stuff for 12 years running

    * Successfully campaign to knife your own leader after he won a landslide

    * Coordinate against his replacement in the hope of throwing the game to Labour

  3. Once BoJo was thrown out, a couple of friends put their names forward to rejoin the local Conservatives. With the timescale these things happen on, they were re-admitted just before last week’s Special Fiscal Operation.

  4. Thing is Steve, if you wanted an example of an abject failure of Conservative govt, it was Johnson’s.

    I was in despair at the sheer scale of his twattery and wanted him gone in the faint hope that there will be a proper Conservative replacement. Not sure about Truss yet. Borrowing money for tax cuts offends my sound money principles, but it worked for Rockfist Ronnie…

  5. “If you take out tax rises, don’t you have the financial market playbook?”

    If you’ve too much time on your hands, do you post cretinous ‘questions’ in every thread?

  6. Otto – Boris would probably have been a moderately crap PM even if he got a chance. But he never got a chance, the knives were out before he even met the Queen. (Remember they were secretly taping him and trying to portray him as a woman-beater?)

    They’re running a similar playbook on Truss now. Politics has always been a dirty business, but it seems we’ve reached the point where people are literally not allowed to be Prime Minister if they deviate in any way, however slight, from what the establishment wants. And what the establishment wants is the same old foolish nonsense that’s killing our country.

  7. Do I actually skip lots of threads I mostly agree with?

    《If you’ve too much time on your hands, do you post cretinous ‘questions’ in every thread?》

    Also why is pointing out that markets love free money “cretinous”? Are you denying it, or trying to distract?

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