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These people are weird

They say the Duchy of Cornwall private estate has been “generating tens of millions of dollars a year” and “done so without paying corporation taxes like most businesses in Britain are obliged to, and without publishing details about where the estate invests its money.”

Which tax is paid doesn’t really matter. And if it’s not a corporation then corporation tax really isn’t payable anyway.

As it happens, Charles has been paying 45% on the income from the estate. Top rate of income tax. So, that’s solved then, isn’t it?

6 thoughts on “These people are weird”

  1. It’s weird that certain Yanks seem more interested in the business affairs of the British Royal Family than in those of the Bidens…

  2. Taxes he pays can’t be used as a stick to beat him with, so don’t count. I’ve been amused/annoyed with all the “Charles won’t pay Inheritance Tax” headlines. FFS, it’s not the recipient who pays, it’s the estate of the deceased.

  3. The administration of the duchy is regulated by the Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall (Accounts) Act 1838, which requires Treasury’s supervision and for the accounts to be presented to both Houses of Parliament. (says Wickedpaedia.)

    It seems to be more tightly regulated that your average corporation.

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