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This is interesting

How are they going to work this?

The University of Cambridge has pledged to increase scholarships for black British students after its slavery inquiry uncovered links to an “appalling history of abuse”.

The university said it would create new postgraduate places for black British students and scholarships for postgraduate students from Africa and the Caribbean.

The Caribbeans have at least a claim to be descended from those enslaved. The Africans are far more likely to be descendants of enslavers. So, how are they going to work it? Have two classes of scholarship, Master and Slave perhaps?

13 thoughts on “This is interesting”

  1. To be fair, there is no causal connection between the two sentences you quote. They are not going to offer more scholarships *because* of slavery. They are offering them because they are terrified of being thought racist, and because they hate our country.

  2. Someone got into trouble recently when a study found black medical students were having more problems and lower scores in assessments than non-black students and he pointed out that if you reduce the entry requirements for a group your like to have lower quality candidates so what did people expect

  3. BniC

    Again I utter my favourite Stalin quote, ‘We cannot say that, it tells the truth all too plainly.’


    I’m reminded of when I pointed out to Leo that the wicked Italians were guilty of colonial oppression against poor Brits like me. He of course pointed out that we probably cousins, so I was guilty too!! I was laughing so hard I could hardly raise my hands in surrender.

  4. Well, that’s the classic slave-master mothod innit, breed withthe good looking slaves. Double bonus: their decendants can’t complain about being oppressed because they’re decended from the oppressorts.

  5. @Boganboy

    Many people don’t know that construction of the Colosseum was funded by ransacking the Second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem during its destruction. Does that mean we should (further) destroy the Colosseum and deprive future generations of an entire chunk of history?

    Pretty much everything in the world ever can be traced back to some kind of injustice. The only way for these leftists to truly escape historical oppression is to kill themselves.

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