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Well, yes, guess we do

Richard Murphy says:
September 2 2022 at 4:33 pm
We have to declare a state of emergency

Stephen Nelson says:
September 2 2022 at 10:46 pm
Richard, you are on record as having reluctantly concluded we are on the road to fascism. I share your concern and I fear that giving this lot the powers conferred by a state of emergency (surely beyond what they could already assume under the Civil Contingencies Act) might propel us across that threshold.

The Enabling Act is indeed that first – necessary – stage of fascism, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Well, yes, guess we do”

  1. I would certainly look at the internment of Murphy and most of his acolytes on National Security grounds as well as seizure of assets of anyone who has promoted Net Zero.

  2. No different than AntiFa calling themselves “anarcho-communists.” Leftists don’t use words to communicate, but to manipulate.

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