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Well, yes Honey, but……

One in seven Pakistanis have been affected, with many sleeping under open skies, without shelter. About 900,000 livestock have been lost, and more than two million acres of farmland and 90 percent of crops have been damaged. In some provinces, cotton and rice crops, date trees and sugar cane have been nearly obliterated, and half of the onion, chili and tomato crops, all staple foods, are gone. Over 1,350 people are dead, and some 33 million people (50 million according to unofficial tallies) have been displaced.
Climate change is very likely to have played a role in the extremely heavy rains, and it definitely played a role in the glacial melt. So you can call these people climate refugees. Remember that phrase. Your country will have them, too.

There are alternative explanations. Like, say, your family:

Fatima Bhutto (Urdu: فاطمہ بھُٹّو; Sindhi: فاطمه ڀٽو, born 29 May 1982) is a Pakistani writer and columnist. Born in Kabul, she is the daughter of politician Murtaza Bhutto, niece of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and granddaughter of former Prime Minister and President of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

They’re the corrupt fuckwits who have largely been running the place for decades – swapping out with equally corrupt fuckwits of course.

So bad has their performance been that even sodding Bangladesh is doing vastly better.

Might not actually be that CO2 causing all the problems, you know?

9 thoughts on “Well, yes Honey, but……”

  1. I’d like to know how much flooding occurred anywhere that isn’t an existing flood plain. My guess is not much – if any. Therefore, not climate change, just one of those high magnitude, long return period, events that statistics predicts.

  2. Bloke in Germany in God's own county

    I am sure one in seven Pakistani households can easily put one person up while they get their feet dry. Won’t be any need for anyone to trudge all the way to Europe.

  3. How about deforestation? Pakistan has gone from 30% forest to 5% since independence. Bound to have some sort of effect?

  4. from The Economist:

    But the bigger reason is politics. Pakistan’s have been a mess, distracting from the sort of patient planning needed to build resilience against floods.

    Which was pretty-much Tim’s point. Naturally, being The Economist, they first blame global warming climate change, since the weather patterns that caused the inundation ‘are consistent with those predicted in a warmer world’ – the problem is that with predictions of all phenomena both increasing and decreasing or even reversing (at all scales) literally everything is consistent with someone’s prediction.

  5. Well using the same logic here is proof climate change isn’t ‘happening’…

    “ For the first time since 1997, not a single hurricane or tropical storm formed in the Atlantic basin in August. This includes storms that spin up in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.”

    “It’s been eerily quiet out there,” Colorado State University hurricane researcher Phil Klotzbach told USA TODAY. In fact, Klotzbach said it is the first time since 1941 that there were no named Atlantic storms from July 3 to Aug. 30.“

    Steven Koonin’s 2021 book:

    “Floods, droughts, and fires bring great tragedy and sorrow, and their consequences can be devastating. As the world gets more and more connected through communications, we become more and more aware of these events when they happen. But that does not make them “further proof” of climate change. In the end, the data tells us there’s not very much changing very quickly with precipitation, either globally or in the US.”

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