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Will Joe fly coach?

This could be fun, if they mean it:

Heads of state travelling to England for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will be forbidden from travelling in private jets and helicopters, according to leaked guidance.


The logistics of having to decide whether Mr Trump would join him in crossing the Atlantic on Air Force One would be problematic for Mr Biden,

Especially since AF1 is a private jet that he’s not allowed to use…..

Sadly the correct answer is that they don’t mean it.

13 thoughts on “Will Joe fly coach?”

  1. They mean flying to Westminster Abbey in private jets and helicopters.
    They’ll have to take the Tube like everybody else.

  2. The article still perpetuates the lie that Trump actually organised the Jan 6 events. The Telegraph thinks that Goebbels alleged quote about telling a lie enough times that it becomes true actually works.

  3. A man ran over and killed 6 people and injured over 60 others with his SUV during a Christmas Day parade last year, solely because he had a vendetta against white people. Biden and his team said they weren’t visiting with the victims because the “logistics” of getting Air Force One over there were too cumbersome.

    It was in Wisconsin.

  4. It’s guidance and they are being ‘requested’ nobody is being forbidden and nobody expects Jo to travel to the abbey by bus. However it should be noted that apart from the most senior members the whole of the royal family arrived at St Pauls for the Platinum Jubilee service by bus (I would have written coach but with royalty that implies horse-drawn)

  5. According to my copy of the Feudal Times and Reactionary Herald the OTT pomp and circumstance is the whole point of state funerals.

  6. The article suggests there’s going to be a fuss over Trump attending, but it also states that only heads of state will be invited, so it’s not even an issue.

    TDS is a hell of a drug.

    I think DeSantis would be a far more effective president, but I’d also quite like to see a second Trump term, just for the giggles and exploding heads.

  7. Prepare to charge overseas VIPs visiting for Queen’s funeral, trusts told

    from the Health Service Journal.
    It’s tough being the envy of the world. Some blood stained tyrant might just pop in for some cancer treatment.

  8. I’m not sure I’d want Biden to visit. The motorcade would tie up the entire city, as well as checking for bad stuff before and during.

    Oh and before you suggest that it isn’t necessary, consider that if something happens, that becomes the story as opposed to whatever he was originally visiting for.

  9. I think it’s a bit off to invite someone to a shindig and tell them how to travel.

    On the other hand if it means Mr Dementia doesn’t come, good-oh.

  10. Meh.. If they follow protocol, Biden will be in the second tier of seats anyway, and Trump as ex-president alll the way at the back.

    After all.. A president isn’t royalty… Theres Rules about those things…

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