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Wonder how long this’ll last

This month’s Portuguese electricity bill:

Preço = kWh 0,157 €

Gas we only use for cooking and then not even the oven. So that’s pretty much an irrelevance to any monthly bill.

The question then becomes, well, how long’s that going to last, that price? Iberia’s not really linked into the European energy system. Gas comes over from Morocco (? Or Algeria?) and there’s no linkage from that to other systems. So, how much are prices going to change? Hmmmm……

7 thoughts on “Wonder how long this’ll last”

  1. Probably as long as they think they can get away with it.

    More generally, I understand the gas comes from Algeria, who have a squabble with the EU, and especially Spain, for backing Morocco’s claim to the Spanish—–ooops Western Sahara.

    My basic opinion about the Sahrawis’ is that I don’t care who rules the Spanish Sahara. I just insist that not a penny of my money is wasted on supporting the terrorist hideouts—–oooops refugee camps providing bases for the Sahrawis to raid into Moroccan occupied territory.

  2. Must depend on whether Algeria has alternative customers: do they, for instance, have a liquefaction plant or do they depend on pipelines?

  3. Yep. They’ve got liquefaction plants. And can also export to Italy, whether through Tunisia or via Sardinia.

    Just as they can export to Spain directly or through Morocco. As you’ve guessed, the export though Morocco, and the gas the Moroccans got as pipeline rental, has been cancelled.

    I believe the way the Moroccans bullied the Spanish into favouring them was by shipping illegals up from the south to attempt to swarm into Ceuta and Melilla. Good old Franco would just have mowed them down of course.

  4. Sorry Tim, but they aren’t going to sell you cheap gas if they can get a higher price somewhere else. And two 48 inch pipelines mean they can (limited by compressor capacity) send a lot to Italy instead.
    Your Portuguese gas co may have a long term deal though. Fingers crossed.

  5. Ljh

    Looks like a long swim in the Scheldt fir him, then.

    Mind you though. We’ve all known it. 20 years of this nonsense gad brought us to this point. Even some Germans are sloely beginning to realise.

  6. Ljh – he won’t last long dropping truth bombs like this, lol

    In addition, nuclear power was also ignored. Bart De Wefer states in plain text: “This is not a crisis that Putin caused, but the fact that Europe has condemned itself by reducing its own primary energy production this century

    Yarp. James Delingpole has been banging on about this for over a decade. They called him a nutcase and a conspiracy theorist.

    The mayor of Antwerp declares that Belgium, like many other countries of “old Europe”, are actually bankrupt:
    “Look at our debt, government spending and the deficit. It’s worse than in Southern Europe. It’s about politics. This government has done nothing about it.”

    Yes, we know.

    In addition, he is confident that production will leave Belgium en masse to countries where energy is still cheap, such as the United States and China. Antwerp has already begun to suffer from this, as several large chemical plants have closed in the harbor of the city.

    This is the big danger of the energy crisis. Back in the 70’s, it was somewhat difficult for manufacturers to just leave the country and set up shop elsewhere. Now, it’s inevitable if they want to stay in the manufacturing business. Here’s what British manufacturers think:

    60% of British factories at risk of going under as energy bills soar
    MakeUK, the lobby group for UK factories, said that nearly half of manufacturers have experienced a jump in electricity bills of more than 100% in the past year

    Yes, it’s an industry lobby group. No, I don’t think they’re lying.

    Pace the popular opinion, manufacturing isn’t a fringe activity in the modern British economy. We’re in the top 10 of manufacturing countries in the world and it’s worth hundreds of billions a year to our economy. Was worth, at least.

    I’m not sure if I’ve dropped enough panic bombs to rouse PJF from his sweet dreams of Ukranian victory yet, so let me be clear: I don’t think we can do this. I don’t think our economic, social and political structures are robust enough to survive the coming economic tsunami. I think we’re entering a Twilight Zone of disruption and decline whose effects will be both unpredictable and horrifying.

    This is the Heart of Darkness they’re leading us into, the Bad Shit, that time Renton from Trainspotting went cold turkey. The 70’s crisis was averted by Henry Kissinger’s careful diplomacy, and we moved on. But they don’t listen to Henry K no more. We no longer “do” diplomacy, we do smug lectures and pious virtue signalling instead, while wanking ourselves silly over a strange and fantastic vision of vaguely-defined ‘victory’ that only exists in our heads. We are the most unserious people on the planet. #SlavaUgandhi #NetZero

    Let’s Pretend went off the air in 1988. Shit’s about to get real, my nibbas.

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