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Yes, we know this

Governments have been too “squeamish” about standing up for the family, the Children’s Commissioner has said, as she called on the next prime minister to do more to support couples to stay together.

Dame Rachel de Souza told The Telegraph that data she had collected showed that stable families had a great “protective” effect, making children happier and more successful.

Now, what do we do about it?

No, a little more guilt here and there won’t solve it. Nor will a little more counselling. What, actually, is to be done?

On lone-parent families, she said: “We need to be getting employers in there, we need the best quality of education in those areas.”

That’s not it, Love.

7 thoughts on “Yes, we know this”

  1. A couple I know would like to split, but they can’t afford a house each. So they’re staying together and trying to make it work. Incentives matter p94…

  2. A mate was telling me that in Slovakia, your statutory pension age is dropped for women by 1.5 years for each sprog they deliver. Perhaps that could be adopted and modified to give the benefit to both parties, but only if they are together at said sprogs 16th birthday. This could also help increase the birth rate without incentivizing Wayne and Waynetta any more than before.

  3. Correlation is not causation. Maybe stable families do not make children happier, Maybe what’s actually happening here is that the arguments, fights, and incompatibility which make families break up are what affects the children, and maybe making the family try to stay together would make things worse for the children.

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