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A good reason to vote for Boris

Boris Johnson’s backers are risking the Union, warn Scottish Tories

7 thoughts on “A good reason to vote for Boris”

  1. I don’t think the Tories are giving any thought to the next election at all. It’s already après nous, le déluge. They’re desperately trying to run the clock out on the current one. Get Boris in, oil on troubled waters etc. So what do they want to do next year? I assume there’s more to it just another year of salary and perks.

  2. Talking of perks, there was a story yesterday about the Labour MP for Chester resigning his seat after being accused of sexual impropriety.

    It turned out that the person on the receiving end of the impropriety was a female so that’s a refreshing change.

  3. Are there such things as Scottish Tories? I have trouble imagining what they are like, and can only remember that chubby little lesbian.

  4. Second-largest party in the parliamentary branch-office, Sam. The days of the “Tory-free zone” are long gone. Although the way things are heading, I wouldn’t be surprised if they returned with a vengeance.

  5. Sam Vara,
    al Scottish beeb only report the the views of the glorious leaderene Kim il Krankie, or negative reporting on the other parties whereitwillaid the EU agenda of a “Europe of the Regions”
    Any sensible stuff from the scottish toriesorany other unionist is memory holed fasterthan a Drumpf voter.

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