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A lovely story I’ve mentioned before

A series of Magnum prints are up for sale. About which:

Dolly Parton lookalike competition, Phoenix, Arizona, 1979
David Hurn, interviewed by Bill Jay, from Arizona Trips, 2017: ‘I found Arizona a peculiar state of contradictions. It boasts of being the most rightwing state in America, yet the Arizonans I met were among the friendliest and most generous people anywhere in the world.

So, right wingers are friendly and generous then. Won’t be a surprise to anyone who has attended a Workers’ Revolutionary Party meeting.

The story though, one I’ve mentioned before. Dolly Parton once entered a drag Dolly Parton lookalike contest. And came third.

6 thoughts on “A lovely story I’ve mentioned before”

  1. Entertaining. I wonder if I entered a lookalike contest, someone else’d be deemed to look more like me than I do?

    But who would want to??

  2. I was looking at her discography the other day, and considering she’s world famous, in the UK she’s had surprisingly few national top 40 hits.
    Jolene, islands in the sun, singles wise possibly more of an album artist, but even those only hit top 40 in the 90s and were ‘only’ high 30s.

  3. It seems ironic – that conservatives are usually.nore tolerant that those that espouse tolerance as a primary virtue. But what it really is is compartmentalization. Conservatives are fine with with a lot of shit as long as it remains fringe and is kept to appropriate venues.

    It’s when it’s being forced out into the mainstream that there is pushback.

    So it ends up being ok to participate in a drag contest – adult venue, not particularly risque, and limited in scope.

    Which is different from children being invited to stuff dollars in some dude’s g-string while he shakes his ass at the local library.

  4. Hallowed Be, are you that surprised? In a blind test how many votes do you think she would get? Awful voice, YMMV.

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