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A very wise statement

While virgin forest is being cut down to burn in Drax power station, we are fussing over recycling pizza boxes. Just burn them as well FFS.

Noel C

11 thoughts on “A very wise statement”

  1. If you can’t just burn them in your backyard incinerator, that certainly sounds like a sensible idea. In fact I can’t see why they don’t just burn all the plastic they wail on about as well.

    Maybe because they’re afraid they’d run out of things to cry about?

  2. Quite. Burning or composting cardboard and paper doesn’t seem like the worst solution until we have a surplus of non-fossil fuel energy. But it isn’t a perfect, long term solution for everyone, so we’re going to crack out the fiddle instead. And, as Boganboy observes, the same probably applies to a lesser extent to plastic right now too.

  3. Not sure now, but a couple of years ago garbage was being trucked from Sydney to Brisbane, about1000kilometres, as it was cheaper than being dumped locally..

  4. “Maybe because they’re afraid they’d run out of things to cry about?”

    This is exactly the issue. Back in the 1960s some kind of environmentalism was urgently needed. Effluent from factories was being dumped in rivers, smog from chimneys and vehicle exhausts was a problem, raw sewage was dumped in the sea and often ended up on the beaches. That environmental movement was very successful and gradually western nations cleaned up their act. We still have problems, of course we do, but they are relatively minor and are manageable. This is a problem for the hardened eco warrior who now has to invent problems and impractical non solutions for them.

  5. @Stonyground
    +1 but when have activists ever gone away, once their cause has been successful? See also: Trades Unions.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset


    Unleaded petrol campaign? I think acid rain and ozone layer campaigners morphed in to all out climate catastrophists but those campaigns also shut down IIRC.

  7. Trade unions in NZ are largely history outside the public sector, so perhaps not the best example. Similarly US.

    They can only survive with monopoly employers now.

  8. I remind my Right Honourable Friends that acid rain, originating from Britain, did not damage German forests. The claim was simply spurious as sundry intelligent bods pointed out at the time.

  9. dearieme

    Acid rain was SO2. This wonderful compound reflects light and prevents the ground beneath becoming too hot. The jihad against it is what has led to German forests becoming overheated.

    Burn more coal!!!

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