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Amazing how this works, isn’t it?

That emergency prize freeze, or the mooted one about cost plus pricing for energy:

Nicola Sturgeon could impose her controversial rent freeze in Scotland for 18 months with landlords only allowed to “partially” cover hikes in their mortgage bills thanks to soaring interest rates.

Well, we’re not really going to allow you to raise prices when costs do.

Funny that, eh?

7 thoughts on “Amazing how this works, isn’t it?”

  1. Rational Anarchist

    So, when a house is repossessed because you can’t pay the mortgage, are tenants kicked out?

  2. ARMs are still in?

    Maybe landlords locked in low rates and are just lying to give them an excuse to create inflation?

  3. @ Rational Anarchist
    Not immeditely: the tenant’s rights are not affected by the repossession – but if the landlord decides that he needs to sell the house with vacant possession (e.g. to repay the unaffordable mortgage), he/she/they may issue a notice to quit which the tenant may appeal and then the court process (never mind the verdict) will take at least 6 months; this will probably cause the landlord to run out of cash lesding to repossession and then Halifax or whoever has to issue a new notice to quit because it always wants to sell. The notice to quit makes the tenant unintentionally homeless and at the top of the local authority housing list, right behind the rabbits friends and relations of the local Housing Department offials and of the local SNP bigwigs.

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