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An investing lesson from Kalera

Kalera has been forced into an emergency rights issue at 13 cents just four months after its SPAC-driven arrival on Nasdaq.

This is wilting worse than the lettuce the company grows. That SPAC combination had a proforma valuation of $375m when announced by Kalera. The company was previously on Euronext Growth, before that on Merkur.

When it arrived there, it raised some $100m. Given that the current market capitalisation is around the $5m mark – despite having swallowed all that capital already – we might go on to say that it’s a pretty manure idea.

4 thoughts on “An investing lesson from Kalera”

  1. Thank you Tim. I didn’t realise a favourite scifi theme of vertical farming was actually being tried in practice.

    Precisely how this is supposed to fit in with expensive unreliable wind power is hard to understand.

  2. I have a hobby hydroponics set up. It’s worth it for high value crops, read cannabis, in a city. For anything else it’s a waste of time unless it’s in a poly tunnel.

  3. Small indoor hydroponics is useful to have some greenery around all year once you get to northern latitudes, 20 hours of darkness and everything white/grey can wear you down

  4. The small independent businessmen who specialise in indoor hydroponics round here are very, very talented.

    Not only do they have green fingers, they are expert electricians as well as skilled HVAC installers too.

    No doubt they are very well versed in logistics and distribution, and, seemingly linguistically talented, given the number of Romanians, Albanians and other assorted Europeans that they employ.

    We should get them to run the government, as they at least seem to have a clue about what they’re doing!

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