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And if you play it backwards, the car comes back

With the advent of self driving cars it’s into a matter of time before there’s a country and western song about a guy who’s truck leaves him


Perhaps Blues, rather than C&W but “Woke up this mornin’, my Tesla done left me” might work. Heck, Gospel, “Take Me To The Rivian”.

Etc, etc, if only we still had Lewis Grizzard for those country titles……or even that other form of music, western.

4 thoughts on “And if you play it backwards, the car comes back”

  1. Was feeling kind of knackered so went Motel for a nap
    Little knowing that my girl outside was running low on sap
    Her bluetooth was still running, she was picking up a signal
    And the bit that I’m inferring is Coulomb was giving tingle

    She wasn’t there when I woke up
    Must have gone off for some volt
    Guys, don’t leave your truck outside
    Watt I am’s a frigging dolt

  2. Hmmm, you have to actually get a tossler cyberclusterfuck before it can leave.

    You could make film about it though: total recall

  3. The late Kenny Rogers once did a bank job in Nashville. As he made his getaway, he could see the cops chasing him in his mirror.
    Down the highway they sped. The police cars started to get nearer, but he knew that he had enough left in his Mustang.
    He put his foot down, only to see his front wheel flying off over the carriageway.
    As he pulled over and the cops surrounded his car,he quietly sang “You picked a fine time to leave me, loose wheel… “

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