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Because you’re the racists

Of course Rupa Huq was wrong, but why is it the left that always gets it in the neck for racism?
Nels Abbey

From our ever popular series, headlines in The Guardian we can answer.

15 thoughts on “Because you’re the racists”

  1. But they don’t. Not if you read things like the Guardian.

    Indeed our hero states in his rant that it’s only racism if you’re an ethnic minority ie not white.

  2. I can just about recall right wingers getting it in the neck for racism. Even in the Guardian, it’s probably happened a couple of times.

  3. This guy looks good in his profile pic given that he has been apparently living under a rock for the last 3 decades! The article is as close to Orwellian doublethink as I have ever seen in a mainstream paper. Seems to be unfamiliar with either ‘White Supremacy’
    Or ‘White privilege’ – genuinely racist ideologies being used across all three educational levels and in every large private sector and all public sector institutions

  4. I was once informed by a senior manager at a media organisation that I was too “successful, intelligent and middle-class to relate to or understand black audiences”

    The author is a self-described former banker which begs so many questions.

  5. You can tell that all white people are racists because they throw out lazy tropes which they attribute to an entire race.

  6. ‘ Of course Rupa Huq was wrong, but why is it the left that always gets it in the neck for racism?
    Nels Abbey.’

    As the bank robber replied when caught for the umpteenth time when asked by the cop why do you keep robbing banks… “Because that’s where the money is”.

  7. Do I understand correctly that she said he can’t be black because he’s intelligent and well educated?

    Reminds me of my Edinburgh days when any of the (few) blacks you saw would be connected to the University or the Royal Infirmary. So not really black, obvs. Shouldn’t one of our woke police forces arrest this cow and throw her in the clink?

  8. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Dearieme, agreed. I knew a rich playboy Kenyan, and a Nigerian with tribal face cuts. Both were studying Brewing, at the Watt if I remember correctly.

  9. Theophrastus (2066)

    “Why do the worst racists always turn out to be ugly brown women?”

    Just guessing, Steve, but much the same reason that the worst feminists turn out to be ugly?

  10. The right are less concerned with race than with class – the first African I met was at public school (I got a scholarship, his father was rich and paid full fees), the second I met was at Oxford (ditto) – I, and most* others treated them as individuals, not as representatives of a political construct. I could almost say the same with “African” replaced by “Asian” but there were half-a-dozen Asians, of four different nationalities at school.

    Those who promote racism (e.g.the KKK) tend to be “poor white trash” trying to find someone to look down upon to hide their own inadequacy. That is almost a definition of the target for left-wing agitators.

    *at school, all whom I could observe

  11. A friend of mine who is originally from India commented recently that he was amused at how many upper caste Indian women there were who seemed very keen to lecture people on privilege.

  12. john: That’s what I’ve observed as well, what the Left call racism is actually classism, and the non-Left just don’t care about race. “We can’t have Muzim in the golf club, he’s a *grocer*. By the way, Solly, have you meet Patel, he’s an orthopedic surgeon, gonna propose him for the committee.”

  13. @ jgh
    Looking at the club comprising recent Chancellors of the Exchequer instead of golfers …
    I think John Major in 1989-90 was the only working class Conservatve CotheE since the war

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