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Could be, could be

And I have no doubt my Twitter timeline is biased,

Given the number banned from it that could be true, yes……

6 thoughts on “Could be, could be”

  1. This does remind of a habit I developed during the Vietnam War.

    If I read the news, my blood pressure would go up, I’d grind my teeth, and I’d suffer from all the effects of anger and stress. But if I didn’t read anything, my life would continue on its pleasant way, and the idiocy would all happen anyway.

    This is a policy I’ve followed ever since.

  2. Wouldn’t it more be like: “And I have no doubt my Opinion is biased, and my Twitter timeline heavily censored curated,”

  3. @BB: looking back I’m mildly surprised how little about the Vietnam War was explained in the British papers.

    Plenty of reporting about the war itself, some of which might well have been true. But what had happened since, say, 1945 to bring it about – very little. I can see that JFK’s mutton-headed contribution would be downplayed once he’d become a secular saint, but why was so much more suppressed?

    For instance, just one detail – why did I not learn about “McNamara’s Morons” until decades afterwards? All very strange.

  4. Dennis, Inconveniently Noting Reality

    The fact that he’s paying attention to a Twitter account tells you he’s a jerkoff.

    People with real lives and real jobs don’t have time for Twitter.

  5. Agree the history of the Vietnam war has been shady, some more light on the role of the French would be a start

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