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David Friedman has it

Why are those liberals from the really good schools all such racists? Believing that the ethnics simply aren’t bright enough to run their own lives, register to vote, get ID, run a credit account and all the rest?

Affirmative action:

Hence one effect of affirmative action is to increase racial prejudice. The point seems obvious but I have not noticed other people making it, so thought it worth doing so.

18 thoughts on “David Friedman has it”

  1. I believe there have been many, many people saying the same thing about this and other topics for yonks, it’s just that those of the left leaning persuasion said we were evil, racist, homophobic, islamaphobic (cont. p94) for pointing it out.

    So, they have either had a Damascene conversion (similar to Bonio on a thread here last week regharding aid) or have found it suits their current agenda to swap sides.

  2. The “progressives” always have to find new people to patronise. Once the working classes got wise to their blandishments, then they hadto find new clients.

    Fir a while it was easy, because most ethnics they encountered were the educated Nehru types involved in anti imperialist movements.

    They then had to transition to being uncritically favourable to immigrants despite the fact many of their practises were anathema to them. See also foxes, badgers etc…

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Katharine Birbalsingh became a lefty hate figure for pointing out the left’s low expectations racism. Her results speak for themselves.

  4. They also all seem so horrified that we no longer impose our laws and customs on heathens in hot countries, and want to insist that heathens in hot countries adopt our laws and culture. People on the right tend to just shrug at the loss of Empire, people on the left are the ones who stand out as raging about the former empire not doing what we (ie, they) tell them.

  5. @Adolff, @Boganboy:

    It’s not clear from your posts whether you know this, but David Friedman, son of St. Milton I understand, is not himself of the left leaning persuasion. He’s a very thoughtful bloke. I can’t say I agree with his every position but he is very much worth paying attention to.

  6. Hence one effect of affirmative action is to increase racial prejudice.

    They know. The point of affirmative action isn’t to elevate The Blacks, it’s to disenfranchise The Whites.

    So, when the National Hockey League recently announced it is working to remedy the shameful problem that its current workforce is 84% white, or when BT says it intends to ensure 30% (or whatever) of its employees must be stunningly Diverse, they’re probably not too worried about soon to be unemployed white men thinking ill of black fellas.

    The corporate sponsored 2020 anti-conservative pogroms in America and other places where morons are intellectually colonised by America were about letting you understand your place in the new racial hierarchy. That’s also why the MSM is determined to cram Diversity into your eyeholes at every opportunity.

    It’s a neat trick as bafflegabbed Y-ties inevitably end up feebly spluttering about how not-racist they are, which may be true but is also irrelevant. Woke capital and its political allies really do hate you, and actively mean you harm. This isn’t a crusade for equality, it’s a colour revolution waged against the democratic structures of the dying West.

  7. Arthur T @ 10.35. I consider myself to be of the right leaning persuasion and English and i’ve noticed it. And have watched the esteemed gentleman noted in Andrew Cs’ comment saying it for a long time too. I wonder if Mr Friedman (St. Milton, PBUH) has either just discovered the phenomenom or has decided that now is the time to be saying so?

  8. Imagine an ethnic cohort under affirmative action. Half of them gain access to prestige uni / top job on merit, half by positive discrimination.
    So half will rise to the challenge, but half will struggle.
    It’s not immediately obvious which set person X belongs to (you can’t tell by skin colour) so all of them get patronised and given the easy (promotion killer) assignments.
    If I was a capable ethnic minority person this would make me extremely pissed off.

  9. A major factor was the affect affirmative action had on Asian (both Eastern and Southeastern) applicants, as the Ivy League was “correcting” for their over-performance to make room for other ethnicities. This, plus the irony of simultaneously supporting a “Stop Asian Hate” campaign put the Left in a tricky spot on this one.

  10. Flawed premise: that nobody will have encountered other ethnicities (and formed judgements about them) long before university.

  11. Dennis, Twatty Something or Other

    Why are those liberals from the really good schools all such racists?

    Perhaps start with the premise that the “really good schools” really are really good schools.

  12. @ Andrew M
    More will have seen footage of the Broadwater Farm riots on TV than will have had African/West Indian friends at school. We don’t have ghettoes in this country and century but Tony Crosland’s promotion of neighbourhood (“Comprehensive”) schools, copying the failed American model, did a lot to create a similar effect of separating poor and immigrants from the white middle class.
    As for liberals from “really good schools”: in my time my school had a modest/moderate number of ex-pat British, one Hong Kong Chinese (A stream), handfiul of Indian & Pakistani (some A stream, some B stream) and one African (D stream). I cannot comment on what happened elsewhere or elsewhen. I did not dismiss Africans as stupid based on a smple sizae of one, but then I have a habit of thinking which not all “liberals” share.

  13. Chris Rock commented on the NHL being very white and joked once they invented artificial ice and it wasn’t cold that’s when the balance would change.
    I think this may also be an age and regional cohorts one where looking at the general population isn’t going to give you the right answer. Lots of Russian/eastern Europeans for example and they don’t tend to the same diversity mix. We are starting to see groups coming through like East Indian hockey players though they aren’t typically going to be 1st generation. The big hurdle for hockey is cost, it’s not a cheap sport and goalies are even more expensive

  14. How controversial. Can you imagine if they said those on a sports scholarship were a bit thick.? That would never fly.

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