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Democracy, eh?

Swedish right is capitalising on fears over immigration
Linking multiculturalism to a sense of national decline helps populists find favour with a growing number of voters, Oliver Moody writes

Damn those appalling right wingers, actually listening to whatever might be passing through the tiny little monds of the voters!

11 thoughts on “Democracy, eh?”

  1. Oh undoubtedly true. A decade or so back, watching english TV in a bar & the Tottenham riots, was severely criticised by a Swedish couple for noticing that the majority of the people on screen were of the tinted persuasion. Nowadays any conversation with a Swede will, within five minutes, gravitate to the subject of immigration. Obviously must be the effect of far right propaganda. What other reason could there be?

  2. It appears as though Sweden was some years behind Blighty when it came to the benefits of cultural enrichment, but have now overtaken us, especially when it comes to grenade attacks. Deep joy.

  3. The Other Bloke in Italy

    BB, you raise an excellent point. When I was young, anti-colonialism was a philosophy and movement.


  4. The local news ran a story on housing/rental crisis and then later in the programme says there was record immigration last year and doesn’t link the 2, anyone commenting on that had the basic avalanche of you are racists replies. The approach seems to be that if you make people afraid enough to notice they will stop noticing, social media has made Orwell’s nightmare a reality

  5. The narrative is always imaginary “fears over immigration “, never “increasing numbers of people are now experiencing immigration first hand, realise it is destructive to their way of life and want to put a stop to any more of it”.

  6. cause and effect is an interesting idea, once you get over its dependence on time! For the most part politicians look to justify their position after the fact. At the time it was mostly about the money!

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