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Doesn’t quite work

Yes, we know what he means but still:

The Beatles, who after all started life as road-hardened rock’n’rollers,

How do you start road-hardened?

12 thoughts on “Doesn’t quite work”

  1. Works for me. By the time The Beatles launched on the world (i.e. were new to it), they were hardened musicians from all their previous experience (e.g. The Quarrymen and the Hamburg tours).

  2. Ottokring, you can’t use “Scousers” and “work” in the same sentence unless it includes the word “refuse”.

  3. Ottokring:

    “Being Scousers, did they work with the Blackstuff ?”

    Rock’n’roll originated in the black community, yes.

  4. No band can start ‘Road-Hardened’ but he obviously means that when the achieved fame and fortune, they’d put time in on the road for several years. I always think of what Sting said about The Police: ” It took us ten years to become an overnight success…”

  5. What Jonathan sez..

    In them days you had to have done your run of the podia/clubs/venues, and the associated hazards/pay, before anyone would take the risk to record anything, and possibly get you played on that Radio. Period.

    So yeah… they started out “road-hardened”. So did everyone else.

    Incidentally.. The Beatles aren’t “rock and roll”.. They’re the primitive format of the Boy Band.
    You want rock, you look at the Stones. ( and by that time Deep Purple was already gearing up getting “road hardened”..)

  6. ‘The Beatles aren’t “rock and roll”..’

    I reckon that their Get Back was better rock’n’roll than anything I’ve heard by the Stones. Hell, The Animals were better than the Stones.

  7. I’m more of a Mozart cultist, and a Sid Bechet cultist, and a Django cultist, and a … etc etc.

    But I did enjoy the Beatles in their day. The Stones were to the Beatles as, say, the Three Stooges to Tom Lehrer.

    Or Abbott and Costello to Beyond the Fringe. Or …

  8. Yes, dearieme, but people still play Stones records
    “The Animals were better than the Stones.”
    When you’re talking about the Stones, the Animals, Led Zep, Cream & several others, you’re really talking about one big band. There’s old recordings of many of the members of all of them playing together at one time or another. With Cyril Davis All Stars & other similar. They were all together on the same music scene through the same period & influenced each other. Various bands crystallised out of it.

  9. There were a couple of good rockers on The Beatles: Birthday and Back to the USSR. I remember Tim posting a Satellites video here of Don’t Pass Me By with the full rock treatment it should have been given, not just another of their cutesy music-hall ditties.

    AccaDacca had a song about road hardening: It’s a long way to the top. Do NOT watch the video unless you’re fond of prancing twats.

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