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Eh? Cook Islands beat Wales?

Pool D: Wales 12-18 Cook Islands

Cook Islands even have a rugby team?

Ahhhhh…..league. Cook Islands being like the New Zealand C team, Wales being, ummm…….

5 thoughts on “Eh? Cook Islands beat Wales?”

  1. Jim in the antipodes

    A nearby Church has a congregation consisting mainly of Pacific Islanders. They alone could field a team which could beat Wales. For those in theUK who are unfamiliar with them, Pacific Islanders tend to be very solidly built.

  2. “Ahhhhh…..league.”

    Yeah… didn’t know it was on, did you? Me neither, if I’m honest. A Fun Fact I like to bring up with supporters of my local football team, the infamous Partick Thistle, is that their ground was a Rugby League World Cup venue in 2000. Hosted a Group 4 game between Scotland* and the Maoris. Although they’re a small tight-knit band, as you might imagine, it always comes as a surprise to them.

    *Although I was never a fan, I used to have a bit of a soft spot for the jeu de treize because the international side was Great Britain. What happened? (Looking at some of the countries who’ve competed in the RLWC – yeah, the Cook Islands, now you come to mention it – I suspect “making up the numbers“ entered the equation at some point.)

  3. Having played several Army units’ sides chock full of Islanders (most notably the Really Large Corps in the Aki 10s) I found the problem wasn’t so much they are big dellas – I’m a tolerably big unit myself – or even that they were typically fast with it, but that they were big, fast fellas who could turn on a sixpence… That’s just unfair.

  4. Unusual to have a ‘World’ level competitive match between two nations which are not full United Nations members.
    There’s one on the 29th November in the Footie World Cup too, although England will regard that one as a friendly.

  5. I recall a few years back when they were parachuting women into the rugby coverage some commentator going on about a Wales v England game was just a friendly and should be quite relaxed etc.

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