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Electoral logic

Vice really is trying to say that because Republicans are too mainstream to attract the extremists that this is a problem with and for the Republicans. The only justification for this sort of twisted logic is that it’s an election period and Vice has decided to be party partisan rather than journalists.

Try the logic the other way. Would you be happier or more worried about the Democratic Party if there were 20,000 communists who were not members of the Democratic Party because it was too mainstream? Assuming, of course, that there actually are 20,000 communists left who have not already joined the Democratic Party.

4 thoughts on “Electoral logic”

  1. Dennis, Media Critic of the Gods

    Vice is what it has always been… A shit media outfit designed to appeal to young, terminally stupid lefties. They aren’t journalism and never have been. They are, however, inept and dull.

  2. Vice decided to stop being journalists and just be party partisans years ago – election coming up has nothing to do with this.

    Vice is down there with *Vox* nowadays.

  3. It’s basic guilt-by-association.

    Many veterans are Republicans.
    A handful of veterans are extremists.
    Therefore all Republicans are extremists.

    Mind you, the other side will use similar logic about Muslims and terrorists.

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