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Fair old demand, eh?

A multimillionaire KC has won a legal battle to prevent his ex-wife from forcing him to send their daughter to a private school.

A senior judge has backed Jason Galbraith-Marten’s attempt to keep his 15-year-old daughter at a London state school after a bitter divorce from his wife.

Well, whatever. It’s this part that’s so much fun:

The mother, who represented herself in court, told the judge that her parental voice was the only opinion that should be heard on the question of education — and that her former husband should have “no say or other input . . . other than to pay”.

Oh, right.

9 thoughts on “Fair old demand, eh?”

  1. I suppose asking the “child” was out of the question? I dare say she wishes to stay with her friends. Also “state school”. It’s not exactly your local comp, is it?

  2. Forcing *him* to send the daughter to a particular school? So the daughter lives with him? So, legally, it is entirely his decision, primary carer, etc.

    “no input…other than to pay”. So the daughter *doesn’t* live with him? So, why go to court, legally it’s none of his business. Primary carer, etc.

    Which is it? I wanna force how you live you life. Or an alimony case, I want MOAR MONEY!!!!

  3. One wonders if this state/private school split is a factor in the original reasons for the divorce.

    The insane demands and the constant emptying of his wallet might also be a factor.

  4. In 2019, Ms de Renée was banned by a judge from launching further legal challenges without permission after several ‘fabricated’ allegations against Mr Galbraith-Marten, including criminal behaviour ranging ‘from attempted murder’ and ‘attacks on her cat’.

    Ah. Yet another vindictive ex-wife making shit up to try and win the divorce.

    It’s the child I feel sorry for (the 15 year old, not the childish 45-year old).

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