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From a PR email

BOSTON – Today, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (MA-07) joined parent borrowers and advocates from the Student Debt Crisis Center (SDCC) and Parents Together for a virtual roundtable discussion on the impacts of student debt cancellation on parents and families, and what student debt cancellation means for them.

Last month, Rep. Pressley, along with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (MN-05) and Congressman Mondaire Jones (NY-17), joined student borrowers and advocates at a Capitol Hill press conference to call for swift, efficient and equitable implementation of President Biden’s student debt cancellation plan.

An equitable implementation would be that folk pay their own damn debts, right?

13 thoughts on “From a PR email”

  1. What’s this “parent borrowers” about?
    92% of student debt is federal (DoE) owed by the student. So if the DoE declined to lend against the career prospect of a course in homonormative restitution studies then the parents must be mugs for stepping in. Phvk ’em.

  2. Argument to Authority there, with all those references to Congresscritters.

    Only one passing mention of party affiliation though; I wonder (no, I don’t; don’t have to) which party (and to which wing of the party) the others belong.

    Surely this cannot be a partisan report?

  3. It would help if the feds stopped guaranteeing student loans, which would suddenly make banks pretty circumspect about their lending.

  4. Your suspicions are correct – Pressley, Omar and Jones are *way* left. At least Jones won’t be in Congress next term – he was primaried thanks to botched re-distracting. Whoops.

  5. ‘It would help if the feds stopped guaranteeing student loans, which would suddenly make banks pretty circumspect about their lending’

    Simple, easy, obvious, direct, quick. Even the cheapest. Chances of it happening: zero.

  6. The problem with Student Debt is bankruptcy is not allowed. When ya can’t pay, ya just can’t pay. Some “famous?” Brit fem said, “Bankruptcy is like losing your virginity – it only hurts the 1st time.”

  7. Apologies for being pendantic, tex, but you can only lose your virginity once. The Brit fem should have referred to being screwed only hurting the first time.

  8. Make the universities responsible for student loans out of their endowments. That’s what the endowments are for? Right?

    A little off topic. The McArthur endowments came out today. $800,000 to the awardees. They were celebrating their ‘diversity’. Out of 25 awardees, there was one white male. All of the non-science and engineering awardees were for SJW types, which were awarded two to one over the STEM types.

    Such diversity of thought there.

  9. Boganboy. Well, think of all the diversity counselors and professors teaching “Gender Studies” or other such degrees who would suddenly lose all their students and thus their jobs. There would be howls that only the rich could now afford to major in these courses, though you’d think it would be a good path toward become less rich and therefore more “equal”. How many universities would close down half their buildings or would shut altogether? Meanwhile, welders can write their own ticket.

  10. Is to forgive divine?

    Folks should pay their debts unless they’re too big to fail then the central bank should buy and forgive them?

  11. It’s an effort to mindfuck minorities into voting Democrat, like a manipulative, emotionally abusive parent.

    “You’re going to stop voting for me? Really? After all I’ve done for you?”

    Slowly but surely, historically liberal voters are growing the huevos to say, “Yup, that’s exactly what I’m doing.”

  12. Dhrhrjt
    I hope you’re right (heh) – but I see little evidence of that; leftists can always rely on the gullible, the stupid, and the naive, and they are in plentiful supply.

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