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Good Grief

For a Government seemingly determined to restore some of the City’s allure, the early signs will be worrying. At one stage, UK markets had lost as much as £500bn on Liz Truss’s watch, a gift to those who have long sought to steal a march on London in the rankings of the world’s premier financial centres, and a blow to the capital’s own ongoing attempts to challenge New York and Singapore for dominance.

Some of this week’s capital outflow will have been reversed but only some – confidence in UK assets has taken a hammering, heightening fears about the Square Mile’s decline.

This is the level of the Telegraph’s business coverage? Dick measuring contests?

4 thoughts on “Good Grief”

  1. Of course it’s all on [current prime minister]..
    The fact that the entirety of the UK political landscape is one of backstabbing incompetent fools, that can’t even agree whether the thing they’re driving into the back of their opponent, usually [ current prime minister], is a nail or a spike, and/or the implement used a mallet or a hammer, doesn’t have anything to do with that…

    And that’s not even considering the “Opposition”…

  2. Even though the telegraph paywall is about as effective as a chocolate fireguard thanks to readily available free apps the resultant articles usually make me wish I hadn’t bothered.

    On a separate note with polls apparently showing labour leading by up to 33% will Truss, the 4th conservative pm since the 2010 boundaries commission report, finally implement its recommendations and at least do away with the inbuilt 20-30 seat labour head start. Or doesn’t she actually want another conservative government?

  3. Sir Humphrey is perfectly happy with the boundaries where they are, thanks.

    No, no, they’re from over twelve years ago. We clearly need another commission.

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