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Good grief

Forbes has gone downhill:

(The economist John Kay once suggested that the “groat” or the “bawbee” might be good names for a new Scottish currency but I’ve always preferred the “thistle”. Anyway, they will probably have a national competition to choose it and it will end up as Groaty McGroatface or something, so let’s put that aside for while.)

At least I know that Kay was making a joke about how little it would be worth…….

16 thoughts on “Good grief”

  1. Dennis, Neither Retired Nor From Wandsworth

    Forbes has gone downhill:

    Ya think? They’ve been in Salon territory for a while now, Timmy.

  2. Elsie McSelfie can refuse to admit it all she likes, but the Scottish currency will of course be the Euro.

  3. The thing that surprised me when I was there was how – internally, the assumptions of those who worked there – were so mainstream D and closing in upon woke. Even those nominally “right wing” weren’t. But then, corporate America…..and journalism, of course.

  4. It’s the diagram where you are standing still it’s just where the left/right line is drawn that changes
    I pointed out to a 20 year old recently that the current conservatives govt was more left wing than labour was when I was her age

  5. Wasn’t it Ernest Bevin, Labour Minister, co-founder of the Transport and General Workers Union, who was instrumental in getting Britain to develop its own thermonuclear bomb?
    Men like him would put the fear of God into lightweights like Starmer or anyone in the ‘conservative’ Party.
    I wonder what he would have thought about the Tranny Panic or wokeness?

  6. @BiS
    Forbes has gone downhill:
    Are they mining in the area, now?

    If Scotland gets independence, mining the northern border may be a good idea.

  7. I love questions with two correct answers.
    What is Price Gouging?
    1. Open cast mining in West Virginia
    2. Wot got Mr Worstall sacked from Forbes.

  8. ‘If Scotland gets independence, mining the northern border may be a good idea.’

    What about barbed wire covered by robot machine guns. I understand this is the South Korean favourite.

    It’d at least discourage those fleeing from the Fourth Reich.

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