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Good Night Moon Is Out Of Copyright On 1 Jan

Anyone think that a spoof of it – scandalously foul mouthed perhaps – might be a good idea?

OK, any illustrators think so?

12 thoughts on “Good Night Moon Is Out Of Copyright On 1 Jan”

  1. Does it need to be out of copyright for spoofing? I think there’s a satire exception in US law. (the wiki indicates it has previously been spoofed)

    Do you already have a theme in mind or are you casting for ideas? There used to be jokes about the “Goodnight JohnBoy” end scenes on The Waltons.

    You could do Goodnight Mon, taking the piss out of Scottish trans policies.

  2. Is it me or did you miss arguably the greatest plan yet seen to get us out of the mess we’re in?

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    Tenth, pray. In this situation we might all need to do so.

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