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Guess we’re the 48 County Neoliberals then

The Neoliberals were the Thatcherites, who split into the Official and the Provisional Neoliberals. Those second have just been vanquished so we, the irredentist lump, are the 48 County Neoliberals.

Who will spend near all of our time battling the splitters of the 39 Historic County Neoliberals, obviously.

Or perhaps we should just jump to being the 39 County Neoliberals ourselves?

7 thoughts on “Guess we’re the 48 County Neoliberals then”

  1. I consider(ed) myself as a Chou en Lai Thatcherite and believed in Permanent Revolution.

    Like all Revolutions it has taken the path of Betrayal ( Major) Terror (Blair) and Bureaucratic Stagnation (Cameron onwards). Occasionally the people rise up as in 2016, but the dead hand of the Nomenklatura soon takes hold once more.

  2. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Oi, splitter:

    International Neoliberals, I’ll ave ye.

    You’ll be setting up the bloody People’s Front of Judea next.

  3. I’m so old I remember when conservatives went rampaging around the country, allowing people to buy their own houses and own shares and afford central heating and everything.

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