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Hmm, well……

The sad thing is, we were actually getting somewhere in the 1990s, in tearing down the idea of any essential difference between men and women’s sex drive or agency.

It’s an interesting concept, certainly. Possibly not one that those who have actually met many human beings would support but an idea for all that.

But it was also original, running directly counter to the dominant narrative: this was the high watermark of ladette-ism, and the fundamental question of western culture in its most general sense was, why should women be seen as the gatekeepers of sex? Why should “slut” be an insult, why should chastity – or at least selectiveness – be considered feminine virtues, why shouldn’t women pursue their own sexual destiny?

Why selectiveness is not pursuing one’s own destiny is left unsaid. So also the insistence that this is all a western idea seems odd.

But if we’ve not got this problem with incels and all the rest, then perhaps that original hope of their being no difference in urges might be the problem?

7 thoughts on “Hmm, well……”

  1. The problem with encouraging women to give in to their primate urges is eventually the men do too.

    Once men realize that what women want, to be the mate of the most desirable male, is logically impossible, there doesn’t seem to be any point in worrying about what they want at all.

  2. In the brave old days of yore, we solved this ‘problem’ with the rent-a-cunt approach, otherwise known as prostitution.

    However the system seems to have evolved into the bloke having ‘no say or other input . . . other than to pay’, as you point out a couple of comments later. As is demonstrated by the whining about Weinstein and dear old Randy Andy’s ladling out the dosh.

    This is of course the reason why women are seen as the gatekeepers of sex. The blokes don’t want to cough up to pay for some other blokes’ kid.

    However if the lady is bothered by the incel ‘problem’, perhaps she might favour teaching sex at schools. One envisages the classes engaging in public fuck-a-thons, with the participants picking the names of their partners out of the barrel.

    Or perhaps the gummint could establish the National Health—–oops Prostitution Service. All blokes get one free ticket a month – or whatever. We don’t want to encourage them to bludge off the taxpayers.


  3. We’ve had decades of propaganda, women *do* like sex, women *do* have sex drives, but observation of society through the media shows that woman *don’t* want sex, *don’t* have sex drives, the media is dominated with portrayals of women living single lives, never having sex, other than the once to get a baby, then never again. The mythical Martian would conclude that society is composed solely of male incels and single mothers.

  4. we were actually getting somewhere in the 1990s

    ‘Society was better when I was younger and more attractive.’

  5. To adapt a PTerry joke, incels should have the right to sex, but not the right to have anyone else there when it happens.

  6. This is of course the reason why women are seen as the gatekeepers of sex. The blokes don’t want to cough up to pay for some other blokes’ kid.

    The counterpoint being that men are the gatekeepers of commitment in the form of marriage and blokes nowadays are a bit wary (to say the least) of risking half their assets & future income wifing up some cock carrousel riding whore who can divorce them for cash & prizes (and parental alienation to boot) at the drop of a hat with the full backing of the courts, hence the continued decline of the marriage market.

    Meanwhile the womenfolk whine on-and-on about “Where have all the good men gone?”.

    Where indeed…

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