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A blog, website and social media accounts under the name of the suspect seen by the BBC are filled with anti-Semitic memes, Holocaust denial, references to far-right websites and conspiracy theories such as QAnon.

He also posted debunked allegations of election fraud. His recent posts were rambling and touched on a host of far-right and extremist talking points.

Older messages by the suspect promote hemp jewellery and quartz crystals. He was also a nudist activist who had listed himself as a member of the Green Party, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Now, think he’s going to be listed as a follower of Jill Stein or Donald Trump?

22 thoughts on “Hmmmmm”

  1. Hemp jewellery, crystals and nudism? That make him sounds like someone from Totnes(*).

    (*) For non-UK readers, the joke is that Totnes was settled by hippies who found Glastonbury too scientific and practical.

  2. Biden: “Every person of good conscience needs to clearly and unambiguously stand up against the violence in our politics, regardless of what your politics are.”

    Might want to start with earning some good faith. ‘Politician denounces violence against politician’ and ‘party leader denounces violence by other side’ are not convincing. And the state denouncing violence is pretty laughable – particularly given its increasingly partisan use of force.

    Want to turn people against violence? I’d suggest getting together with ‘extremists’ to denounce it. BLM and the Proud Boys stand against violence is much more effective than boilerplate press releases and platitudes from politicians nobody trusts.

  3. This bloke is lucky. Normally when it’s Muslims going tonto the poor guys are too mentally ill to access any websites or post on social media.

  4. Timothy McVeigh was right-wing. This guy’s just a flat out weirdo. He’s a cuckold for a pedophile lady, and the place where they all live has rainbow flags and “black lives matter” posters. In Berkeley. He also wrote a bunch of anti-Semitic stuff. Hardly devoted to any one political ideology. Anyone applying logic to this guy’s profile hasn’t met a Californian before. Could’ve been hallucinating during the attack for all we know. There’s also that rumor going around that Pelosi is a secret homosexual who got into a quarrel with a male prostitute, but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

  5. “He also wrote a bunch of anti-Semitic stuff”

    Out here, being anti-Semitic is as common in the *moderate left* as it is in the far right.

  6. If only the attacker had claimed he was a member of Antifa, then all right-thinking Democrats would have been cheering him on, and pointing out that his hammer attack was ‘mostly peaceful’. I think that’s how this is meant to work today.

  7. Paul Pelosi told the dispatcher, he was attacked by a friend but he didn’t know his name. Hmm, the”intruder got past security so I assume he was invited in. Why both PP and the younger man were both stripped to their underwear is rather interesting…

  8. B4R, can confirm that they have moved to Hebden Bridge. HB is famous for being a centre for lesbians. Also a place where many BBC staff live too. I wonder if all these facts are connected?

  9. He got in and reportedly said ‘Where’s Nancy?’ Who exactly is supposed to have heard him and told the press? Paul, with his fractured skull? Or is that the first part of a narrative?

  10. Ljh,

    Also rather interesting is the unanswered question of who was the witness to Paul Pelosi’s recent car crash and whether said witness was actually in the passenger seat at the time.

  11. Who exactly is supposed to have heard him and told the press?

    A report I read earlier (Fox News) said that Paul Pelosi called 911 and left his phone on.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    The BBC has a minor headline reporting that Paul Pelosi is getting better.

    Looks like this story is being quietly shouted in to the “nothing to see here, move along” category.

    So we can rule out the alleged assailant not being MAGA or any other flavour of right wing bogeyman.

    Another clue, the lead story on BBC News at 10 as whether Trump would be allowed back on Twitter. Obviously the home of the 3rd most powerful person in America being broken in to and her husband assaulted isn’t very important. (See also women being shot in the street in Iran)

  13. @Rhoda; the police were apparently let into the house by a third person who ‘remains unknown’.

    Time for a reworking of ‘The Room Where It Happens’..?

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