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Horrors! Clutch Your Pearls!

Re-energized this election cycle, the tech entrepreneur joins other mega-donors apparently out to undercut the political system

He’s undercutting the political system by donating to people trying to gain votes within the political system?

…..have, in their different ways, called for the pillars of the American establishment to be toppled entirely.

Oh, he opposes the uniparty?

….has placed sizable bets on candidates who are not only conservative but have sought to challenge longstanding institutional traditions and break the Republican party’s own norms

Yep. He’s backing people who are about as outrageous on the right has Bernie is on the left.

5 thoughts on “Horrors! Clutch Your Pearls!”

  1. What a pity he didn’t get that climate change sceptic in as White House science advisor.

    Maybe Happer would also have had the right ideas (ie mine) on covid as well?

  2. Funny how the “mega-donors” that support the Right and Proper Cause get lauded as Gurus of Wisdom and Insight in the same media outlet.

    Almost as if the Guardian is.. partisan.. *shock, horror*

  3. The article mentions, in passing, that George Soros has given $128m – more than four times as much – to the Democrats but that is OK because er, because he’s giving it to the Democrats

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