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If only, eh?

with some bookmakers putting short odds on a Boris Johnson comeback

Alternatively, bung Farage the Dukedom he deserves and bring back ducal governance. After all, who would really try to insist that the country is now better run than it was in 1829?

19 thoughts on “If only, eh?”

  1. Exactly Jimmers.

    Truss should force an election, teach the twats right.

    I’d have resigned and crossed the floor, by now.

  2. @Jimmers: far as I’m concerned, they all can. They deserve a few years wandering in obscurity with the Labour or LibDems ruin what’s left…

  3. If the powers of government were strictly limited to protecting borders and the impartial administration of justice, if their spending were limited to what is raised rather than what they can borrow then who is in power would matter very much less. Maybe throw in membership of any supranational organisation or “charity” eg WEF, Oxfam as a disqualifier and broaden both the scope and penalties for treason and malfeasance in office.

  4. Truss should force an election, teach the twats right.

    Er, no thanks. The twats either wouldn’t learn a thing or they’d be replaced like with like. Those getting the nasty being-hit-on-the-head lessons in the socialist school of hard knocks will be the people – more specifically, me.

    And before all the wailing starts – no, they are not all the same, and yes, things really will be a lot worse under Blob Direct.

  5. And before all the wailing starts – no, they are not all the same, and yes, things really will be a lot worse under Blob Direct.

    Vote Conservative to take the SCENIC ROUTE to Serfdom.

  6. Lot of Gekko’s “don’t get emotional about stock” in betting. Bookies shortening the odds to grab all the BoJo fans who hope he’s going to return so are betting money.

    Boris is done. His biggest skill is campaigning. For years before he was known as the biggest draw at Conservative events. Boris was coming to speak, the place would be full. He could excite people. But I’ve met people like him. People who talked and got the funding for a project. Useful. But you want them out of the way 5 minutes later because that’s all they are good for. They are incompetent at management. How does anyone sign off on HS2 during a pandemic, with rail numbers on the floor on no idea whether traffic is going to return?

  7. HS2 is simple to explain – lotsof donors inthe consruction industry threatening mass layoffs in marginal seats if it doesn’t go ahead.
    “Don’t worry about all those 400 year old oaks, we don’t make battleships out of wood anymore.”

  8. …and who are Tories meant to pick after Liz Truss?

    “Hasta la Vista, baby!”
    Boris Johnson MP

    Once and Future PM?

    Unlikely I would have thought, given the useless mess he was first time around, but a possible block on those who think they can get globalist scum and backstabber Rishi Sunak into Number 10.

  9. Tbf I am slightly enjoying the irony of stunningly diverse BAME conservatives (Serpentine Sunak excepted, natch) trying to do actual conservative things, while being undermined by a cabal of fake conservative white men.

    Our Honest African Chancellor just wanted you to be a little bit freer and richer, but British politics is infested with Hunts. Wypipo really have ruined Britain, this is why I proudly identify as Black (and a lesbian).

  10. Those getting the nasty being-hit-on-the-head lessons in the socialist school of hard knocks will be the people

    And that’s the problem. The useless Tories fully deserve to be booted out, but the alternative will be much worse. By the time it’s been realised and some sort of sensible opposition formed, a great many will be royally fucked. And that probably includes me…

  11. Same problem we have here in Oz, Jimmers. Vote against the Libs and our Green utopia arrives even faster.

    At least with preferential representation, if I vote for someone sensible and they don’t get in, my second etc preferences might mean the real monsters don’t.

    Still, my electorate had a Labor MP. I naturally voted Liberal. She lost and a Green got in.

    Woe, woe, woe!!!

  12. The next PM is Hunt, (the c*nt). He doesn’t need to actually get the job. He’ll stay in number eleven. But he’ll be the one passing on the orders, (from our reptilian overlords), to our Lizzie and ‘calming’ the markets and the media by telling them what they want to hear while Truss is allowed out occasionally to moan about the ‘woke crap’.

  13. I assume the reason Hunt is saying don’t boot out Truss is because that would stop the puppet show we currently have, and because he knows he’d lose if he ran for leadership again.
    I presume he got parachuted in because there was enough sense left to see that putting Sunak back in as chancellor would be too blatant a move

  14. There’s been over 16 times in UK history that the next Prime Minister was one of the previous ones. This has happened only once in the history of the wonderful USandA. Different system and younger country but it is still quite something how often the Wilsons etc get back in in the UK.
    So statistically Boris being next PM at 25/1 isn’t a bad bet.

  15. Bongo – worse things could happen (though it’d be nice if better things happened for a change). At least Boris won the general election. Even by Clownworld standards, it’d be taking the piss to replace Liz Truss with anyone else at this point without triggering an immediate general election.

    Doesn’t matter tho. Boris’ defenestration and the obvious ambush and subsequent total capitulation of Mrs Truss proves the Tories can’t change. They’re not about to allow silly little people like their own members tell them what to do, and constituents can fuck off and eat electricity rationing as well.

  16. @ Steve

    If life seems jolly rotten
    There’s something you’ve forgotten
    And that’s to laugh and smile and dance and sing

    (cheer up, ya old bugger, c’mon, give us a grin)

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