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People look to the media not just for information but for a moral compass, and that needle is currently pointing in one direction: away from a world of equality and shared resources.

Do we? That would be bad if we do.

Is it? That would be good if it is.

But then this is Nesrine Malik……

11 thoughts on “Interesting”

  1. Nesrine Malik considers herself a moral compass? Whale oil beef hooked. Question: in which direction does her needle point?

  2. “The only reason fringe channels are failing to flourish in Britain’s rightwing media swamp is because it is already full”

    Will no-one drain this swamp by providing us with a Guardian-staffed state monopoly of information and morals?

  3. FFS, I want valid unbiased and accurate information from news media(*). If I want sermons on morality, I’ll go to church.

    (*) Well, I can dream can’t I?

  4. You’d need to be delusional to look to the media for accurate information where ‘media’ is taken to mean any outlet that relies on advertising revenue or state funding. Social media are of course even more corrupt than that.

  5. “that needle is currently pointing in one direction: away from a world of equality and shared resources.”

    Is Nesrine Malik sharing her resources with everyone else? She must be in the global 1% by income, why isn’t she donating most of her income to those worse off than her, and living on a global average income?

  6. Pace the ever-fallible WikiP, I always understood “moral compass” to be derived from the earlier meaning of “compass”, an enclosing limit; boundary; circumference; rather than the later meaning of a device used to locate magnetic north.

    So your moral compass is that set of actions which you personally judge to be moral. Everybody has one, but they may differ considerably in extent.

  7. And in any case, who needs TV debates when you have phone-in radio? The thriving medium that gave Hopkins, Maajid Nawaz, Julia Hartley-Brewer and of course Nigel Farage a platform.

    Ideally we need a society where only ‘approved’ voices are given a platform. Perhaps she should move to Saudi Arabia?

    Just look around you. If you’re after some immigrant-bashing, then some of our tabloids are the best in the business. So good, in fact, that they have received international attention, condemned by the UN for, in the case of a column in the Sun by Katie Hopkins in which she referred to migrants as “cockroaches”, reflecting a “nasty underbelly of racism that is characterising the migration debate in an increasing number of EU countries”. If you are in the market for some incitement against civil servants, judges and MPs on behalf of “the will of the people”, the Daily Mail has you covered.

    Of course there are no downsides to immigration and ideally we’d have judges and politicians making law and undertaking policy without reference to any popular will. No doubt she’ll be pleased with the installation of Jeremy Hunt. With that kind of encouragement instead of a city the size of Newcastle coming in illegally we might be able to push to a total nearer Manchester. All of whom will be entitled to moolah courtesy of the British taxpayer.

    Delusional doesn’t even come close – she’s in a fantasy world

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