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Interesting detail

Mr Shapps, the former transport secretary, and now new Home Secretary once sold get-rich schemes under a fake name and is now in charge of UK law and order.

7 thoughts on “Interesting detail”

  1. One of the rare occasions when I got “which newspaper said this” wrong.

    I would have bet the house on it being the guardian.

    Mind you it is now possible to find a dozen different political positions every day on the telegraph front page confirming that their editorial policy is as big a clusterfuck as that of the party they once supported.

  2. “In charge of law and order.” Snigger. As if.

    I’m not sure that a newspaper carrying a range of views is actually a bad thing.

  3. I think the problem with the Terriblegraph is that while it might be generally right of centre and employ a number of opinion slingers who advance such views (and some contradictory ones of course), it is a London-based media organisation and therefore is staffed by London media wankers, who naturally lean left. This means leftwank of the worst upper middle-class arts grad type leaches into the news coverage.

    It doesn’t help that its pandemic coverage was – literally – paid for by Bill Gates, who continues to fund its ‘global health’ team.

  4. We are lucky to be afforded a sight usually reserved for vastly experienced consultant gynaecologists:

    Wall-to-wall cunts.

  5. Roue

    I did consider that. However until recently one could be reasonably confident when reading (or even paying for) a newspaper as opposed to a periodical one that would receive a message and perspectives broadly in line with a set political outlook. Certainly the avowedly left wing press have no problem achieving this.

    However the telegraph, with its competing “the government must do this” and a few lines down “the government must do the exact opposite” is no longer a reflection of conservativism and instead mirrors a government whose policies appear to be determined by Twitter and opinion-polls.

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