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Jason Robinson

“I have never, for a long long time, thought ‘I wish I was still playing’,” he says. “But, when you get in and around a competition like this and see the players, all the hype around it, you do think… ‘hmmm maybe 10 minutes’. But the reality is that I wouldn’t last 10 seconds. I see it as chapters in life. If every chapter was the same it would be a very boring book. I’ve got new challenges and helping the guys to make this the best tournament is one of them.”

Seems to be maturing well, dunn’e? Knowing what you can no longer do being an important part of it.

5 thoughts on “Jason Robinson”

  1. I was about ten rows back, directly in front of him as he charged over the line. It was a very special moment. I was hoarse for a week after the game.

  2. Also knowing what you can’t quite do, but spotting something adjacent that you can.

    Christian Horner and Toto Wolff, bosses of the top two teams in Formula 1, could both reasonably be described as unsuccessful racing drivers who went into management.

  3. There’s an argument that the best players don’t make the best coaches as for them a lot of things came naturally while it’s the minor players who just about scrapped in (or narrowly missed) by working and refining techniques/technical skills that have the background and knowledge needed for coaching

  4. Definitely a good example, met him once at a minor league baseball game, his kid was playing for one of the teams

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