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Jordan Gray

The Friday Night Live appearance by trans performer Jordan Gray last week has been covered already at The Glinner Update – here, here, and here. Basically the guy dressed up as the usual stereotypical “sexy” woman”, sang a song about how much better he was than a woman – “I’m a perfect woman, my tits will never shrink, and I’m guaranteed to squirt and do anal by default” – then stripped off and played the piano with his dick.

Well, yes. Only a small thought. Well, perhaps two small thoughts. You want to have a word with that tit factory mate. You’ve been done there, right ripped off.

7 thoughts on “Jordan Gray”

  1. Call me one of those crazy libertarian extremists, but…

    Perhaps it’s time we found out how much the free market values Channel 4’s programmes about tranny cock.

  2. Hmmm.. watched the thing, but….

    Dunno what he was on, but it’s the equivalent of a Bottle of Tequila with a side of coke…

  3. For someone who has had surgery, it’s ironic that their attitude is only skin deep.
    Casual fucks are lots of fun, but to define yourself by your perceived abilities in this regard is very shallow and says much about you – none of it good.

  4. I think the program should be repeated endlessly in prime time. When people tell you who they are, you should belive them 🙁

  5. Question, which is more insane, a less than convincing tranny claiming he is the ideal woman while waving his cock or the global media consistently referring to him as ‘her’ and using phrases such as “her penis”?

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