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Lead article in new news site

PJ O’Rourke used to talk about MEGO Journalism. My Eyes Glaze Over. Pieces like “Whither Gambia”.

Semafor is a new much hyped news site. Lead article today:

Ghanaians will face “very harsh” cuts to public services


8 thoughts on “Lead article in new news site”

  1. The article mentions neither Brexit, nor the recent budget. Everybody knows these to be the cause of all the world’s ills.

  2. Have they done any actual research? Are there going to be fewer shakedowns (police roadblocks, permit bribes, etc) but although fewer more expensive? What’s the balance of benefit for the average Ghanaian if he or she is not a “public servant”?

    After all, we know the answer in the UK, that cuts to “public services” would contribute substantially to the general happiness. I suspect this is true in Ghana as well.

  3. Dennis, Inconveniently Noting Reality

    I see Semafor employs Dave Weigel, former Washington Post reporter.

    That alone guarantees Semafor won’t be worth a shit.

    Nothing says “new and different” like using “old and very much the same”.

  4. Ghana’s future will be bright if Kwasi “returns” to the land of his fathers.

    On those grounds I suppose Boris should “return” to Turkey.

    Just as long as I’m not told to “return” to Oireland.

    My other Grandfather had been an Anzac. Maybe we should go back to Oz.

  5. My grandfather owned an inefficient water mill in Carmarthen. I wonder if it could be repurposed to keep a couple of lights on.

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