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More job ads

2+ years of experience as copy writer or journalist
Experience writing long-form content and blog posts
Great writing skills
Strong editing skills
Strong command of Google Drive
Creative nature with a deep interest in the food space
Food writing experience (strongly preferred)

OK, so experienced, know what you’re doing. This is not entry level. Not interns stuff.

$75/2,000 words for short-form content and $85/2,000 words for long-form content


Even that’s wrong, long form is easier than short form.

Being serious and realistic if you’ve actually got to go and do research, talk to people etc, 2,000 words is a good day’s output. For $75? $1,600 a month?


Then again, look at this from the other way around. This is actually globalisation. There are poorer, still English speaking, places out there. Why shouldn’t folk from there compete with journos here? As they do. In my last job (OK, the last one that I’m not still doing) my cowriter was working from Nairobi. As good as I was, even possibly better. So consumers got more of their financial market coverage at a lower over all cost. Or at least that’s the way it could work out that split between profit and consumer cost needs to be examined. And, in fact, as far as I know, the actual outcome was that he was making out like a bandit getting good London wages (they were good) for working in Nairobi.

So, I can’t actually complain about this – indeed I don’t. That foreign competition is coming for my arse is just the reason I should be changing what I do. Rather than like some demanding that J Foreigner should be banned from chasing my arse.

You know, been there, done that, yea, I am allowed to still praise this expanded market.

Just to hammer the point home. In general nominal wordage rates at British magazines and newspapers haven’t risen in the past 20 years. That’s nominal rates haven’t. Which leads to two things.

1) Yep, been there, done that, I am still allowed to say globalisation is good. You can’t get me by saying it doesn’t affect me.

2) Are you getting why so much of the media isn’t so onboard with the idea yet?

6 thoughts on “More job ads”

  1. They came for the care workers, and I didn’t complain because I wasn’t a care worker, and what? you expect *me* to wipe Grandma’s bottom?
    They came for the plumbers, and I didn’t complain because I wasn’t a plumber, and hey, I’ve got a new kitchen to get fitted.
    They came for the nurses, and I didn’t complain because I wasn’t a nurse, and hey, we need NHS staff RACIST!
    Then they came for the PR directors, equality and diversity managers, charity professionals and journalists…

  2. jgh said:
    “Then they came for the PR directors, equality and diversity managers, charity professionals…”

    I wish they would!

  3. I am still allowed to say globalisation is good.

    Dunno, setting aside my moral and sentimental impediments and using cold logic, you’re making a pretty good case for neutron bombing the entire third world and “expanding the market” by us expanding into the newly empty spaces / resources.

    Unfortunately for my fiendishly ruthless, selfish self, our western / northern establishments have already decided that it us who must die out and be replaced.

    Unfortunately for our western / northern establishments (and your rosy idealism), economics is well downstream of culture – so the future will devolve into a ridiculous stinky, corrupt mess of warring goat herders and people jumping up and down with spears.

    Perhaps the feeble descendants of this morass will amount to enough food and entertainment for the Lions*, who’ll evolve into the new, proud guardians of the Earth and the stars beyond. For mysterious reasons lost in time, they will worship a god called Steve.

    * other big cats welcome

  4. I’m not convinced this sort of job or the one Tim posted the other day is representative of journalism. I can’t imagine anyone in the first world being able to make it stack up as a job or even for it to be worthwhile as a part time role. As I said before, you would be better off at the golden arches.

    Plus, producing 2,000 words a day of decent copy is a stretch to say the least if it involves talking to people (and arranging those conversations).

    On the other hand, The Bournemouth Echo is looking for a reporter and is prepared to pay £20-25k, with the chance of a 10% bonus. I’m not suggesting this for Tim of course, but a far better option for a young hack or hackette with 2 years’ experience.

    Mind you, if Tim is interested, I have a mate who lives down that way who’s just split up with his wife and could probably do with a lodger….

  5. “In general nominal wordage rates” at US & Oz “magazines and newspapers haven’t risen in the past 20 years” … at least the ones I have written for.

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