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More Spud information sources

He’s using a guy called Andrew Levi, who seems even more stupid than even I thought possible.

Err, no. The investors haven’t made that gain in GDP. The investors have received interest minus whatever the effect of inflation upon their capital was. That is, massive, huge, stonking great losses.

Something easy enough to prove. Why do inflation linked gilts exist? Because investors aren’t willing to be taken again in the same manner.

5 thoughts on “More Spud information sources”

  1. My response to the thread is that it’s great news – Murphy will be able to make investment in the ‘Green bonds’ voluntary because everyone will be queuing up to do it based on past performance….

    Of course I’d be still advocates for compulsion his real agenda, which is outright theft becomes clear. It’s a great series of tweets…

  2. Dennis, Inconveniently Noting Reality

    He’s using a guy called Andrew Levi, who seems even more stupid than even I thought possible.

    Here’s his description of himself on Linked-In:

    Board-level executive. Founder, investor. Diplomat, public servant. Extensive international experience in government and business, Fortune 100 and early-stage – UK/ USA/ G7/ EU & BRICS. Seasoned negotiator and leader of transformational change, in complex, uncertain, high-pressure environments, in the public and private sectors. Commercial, operational and policy outcomes to match.

    Which, based on the turnover in his employment history, appears to be a fancy way of saying “I’m a over-educated twit who can’t hold onto a job.”

    You know what a “board-level executive” is? Someone who failed as an “operations-level executive”.

    Upper-class Twit of the Year material. No wonder Murphy has a hard-on for him.

  3. Dennis, Gold Medalist In Unnecessary Snark

    Timmy –

    Perhaps you can get him to explain how investors were paid in GDP. Were wheelbarrows involved?

    That’s something I’d love to know.

  4. He lost me at the first line “lent to the UK”. What foreign countries were lending to the UK government 300 years ago??? The UK set up the Bank of England so the British population itself could lend to the government.
    Upon Tim’s explanation, I realise what Andrew actually meant was “lent to UK *BUSINESSES*”. Which is an entirely different pot of stew.

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