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Ms. Thunberg speaks

Because there are negative tipping points, points of no return. And we do not know exactly when we might cross them. What we do know, however, is that they are getting awfully close, even the really big ones.

No, we don’t know any of that at all. In fact, we’re really pretty certain there are no cliff edge tipping points – this is not Venus – and also therefore that we’re not close to any of them.

11 thoughts on “Ms. Thunberg speaks”

  1. If it gets as warm a the Triassic or Cretaceous all life on Earth will end, according to GT. Alternatively we might get get wiped out by giant lizards as the dinosaurs return. Alternatively we might just learn to use AC, get big rifles and eat lizard meat.

    Apparently net-zero by 2050 isn’t going far enough, fast enough. We should be at real zero by some earlier date. Is she insane? This is real Thanos, wipe out half of human life, stuff. Do they have no clue how the world works? What consumption is required just to feed, keep warm and live? Where does the material for housing come from? For power transmission? Etc etc? These people are insane but also a logical consequence of our ‘all views are created equal’ education system.

  2. I can still see Al Gore’s face light up when dear old Carl Sagan was talking about Globbal Warming. Dear old Carl was talking about Venus, omitting the fact that, as an astronomer, he hadn’t a clue why Venus got the way it did, but being, dear old Carl, it didn’t stop him droning on in that funny voice of his.

  3. “Do they have no clue how the world works?”

    In questions we can anser: They haven’t a clue.

    Not surprising, since st.Greta™ was busier being on strike than actually getting the basics of an education that allows you to actually learn how Things work further down the line.
    Then again, the answers from that would have clashed with her preconceived notions in her little autistic brain, so she would have rejected them anyway.

  4. I hadn’t realised that Minnie the Minx was still alive. I had assumed that fear and loathing of mankind had accounted for her.

    Is it too rude to refer to her as Ms. Thunderbox?

  5. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not sure we should radically change the entire economic foundation of technological civilisation on which billions of lives depend just because an ugly Swedish retard said so.

  6. ‘… there are negative tipping points, points of no return. And we do not know exactly when we might cross them. ‘

    Of course we do! I’ve lost count, so not an exact number, but we have crossed at least a dozen tipping points in the last 20 years, and numerous others are predicted. That idiot son of recently departed Brenda has warned us of at least two we’ve past, and has predicted a new one ‘coming soon’.

  7. She’s unique in one respect, she’s the only Swedish girl I can think of that nobody would like to shag.

  8. Saw some climate activist being interviewed using her dad’s tropical fish as an example as to how they were sensitive to changes in temperature etc and could all just die off and humans also had a range etc so this is an emergency/crisis
    Given they are talking about 1 degree and I’ve experience of the Yukon where in a year we went from below -50 to above +25 (at least 80 degree change over the year) I’m not sure what she thinks the range for humans is and how sensitive we are to change

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