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My word, this is a terrible surprise

Disease largely spread by men shagging around – yea, it’s the promiscuity more than anything else – is…..:

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that of the 57 U.S. patients hospitalized with a severe case of monkeypox, 47 turned out to be HIV-positive.

Four of those patients were also already receiving anti-HIV treatments prior to their monkeypox diagnosis, the CDC said.

Seventeen patients required ICU-level care, with 12 of them dying.

….associated with disease largely spread by men shagging around.

Surprise, eh?

14 thoughts on “My word, this is a terrible surprise”

  1. If common sense prevailed, all poofters who don’t have HIV would get themselves vaccinated against monkeypox.

    And all those HIV positive would stop shagging around. But if they were that sensible, they wouldn’t have HIV in the first place.

  2. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    The headlines write themselves:

    CDC/FDA/Fauci/Biden/etc: Monkeypox “as deadly as Ebola”!!!!!

    Imperial College model shows 19.8 MILLION Brits will OVERWHELM intensive care!!!

    Monkeypox gives you AIDS!!!!

  3. I have been advised that the sub-section of gay men who indulge in such levels of unprotected high-risk promiscuity are nearly as unrepresentative as the dodgy drag queens. Yet somehow both of these minorities are always to the fore at pride parades.

  4. The interesting bit – given that we knew about the homosexual connection – is that the majority of patients were Black.

    Should I not be mentioning this?

    Why the disproportion?

  5. @jgh hetrosexual men require women who, on the whole (pun intended), have a totally different attitude to shagging around than the typical male. Much easier to get a yes from a random guy than a random woman.

  6. I was quite surprised that once Monkeypox started infecting Gay men’s kids and dogs, all the press hysteria/coverage went away.

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