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Never happens to children

Around the age of 10, if these kids’ gender identities remain consistent, they are often placed on puberty blockers, which delay the arrival of puberty. (Puberty blockers were first developed for cis children, and they have been used for early-onset or what is called “precocious puberty” since the 1980s, gaining approval from the Food and Drug Administration in 1993.)

It’s only after all of this that hormones that will trigger the changes the body goes through in puberty even begin to be considered. These hormones are not prescribed until well into adolescence, usually around the age of 16, long after most of the trans kid’s cis peers began puberty, though WPATH’s more recent guidelines suggest beginning hormonal transition earlier may be beneficial for some teens. Surgical interventions rarely happen before the age of 18, and the most common surgical procedure teens might undergo is “top surgery,” in which a transmasculine person undergoes a mastectomy.

Rarely and never are not the same thing now, are they?

21 thoughts on “Never happens to children”

  1. I’m not sure whether the writer, Emily Van Der Werrf, has had that already or is gearing up for it……

  2. As you’d expect Emily james aka emily van der werff is a bloke in a dress. looks like that other freak who used to appear on here regularly gary aka carrie. @ bis – the only solution is a 9mm lead injection before he/she/it fucks up some other kids life.

  3. To quote a famous man, these people should have millstones tied around their necks and be thrown into the sea.

    Either that or lions.

  4. And of course they are lying, it happens all too frequently (and once would be too often). These campaigning trans types are sad, unhappy and damaged people who’s prime aim in life is to ensure that as many other people are as sad and unhappy as they are. Preying on children who have enough happening without this kind of nasty and unpleasant psychological abuse is one of the worst forms of abuse.

  5. @Kaneda yes. It’s also one of the worst swearwords in the circles the author of the article frequents. Cis = the root of all evil.

    If you allow for the fact that the majority of the gays/lesbos/bi’s are also Cis… about 99.5% of humanity.

    Fun bit, and entirely anecdotal, is that in my experience the Trans that I know** are … quite adverse… to early-onset Madness. They tend to the position to “wait until you’re 16, and are sure of Some Things before doing anything Irreversible”.
    But that doesn’t fit Vox’s Narrative….

    ** volunteering as “field technician***” at fantasy/alternative lifestyle events does tend to increase the amount of encounters with… People of Alternative Opinions. It can be a bit of a drag as you get older.

    *** ‘Leccy, Water, Loo’s. Or alternatively “Cables, Pipes, ‘n Shit”.
    Without us, peeps would end up in …well…. Woodstock…
    We ( and the Organisors) do our best to prevent this…

  6. Yes Grikath. I’d argue for waiting until they’re adults. They can then be as stupid as they want.

    That’s what adulthood means.

  7. There’s a subset of cis children who can’t wait to turn 18 so they can finally quit school, drink at the pub, get a job & earn money, etc. – generally insisting that the arrival of adulthood will solve all their problems.

    Trans kids can’t wait to turn 18 so that they can get surgery, which they expect will also solve all their problems.

    Both sets are invariably disappointed.

  8. There’s lots of things we don’t let children do because of their immaturity.

    Drive, smoke, get tattoos, marry, hold firearms licences, etc. A long list.

    I don’t know why they don’t ask these transkids advocates whether all these things should also be open to 10 year olds.

  9. Why are these people using chemistry terminology to describe children? What they call a ‘cis’ child I call normal. What they call a ‘trans’ child I call a mentally ill child or one who has been warped by an ignorant and clueless adult. Cis and trans are terms used for stereoisomers of organic compounds and that’s where the terms should stay.

  10. The three stages of leftist disinformation:

    1) ” It’s not happening.”

    2) ” It is happening but it’s only on a very small scale. If you’re worried by it you’re a bigot.”

    3) ” It’s happening on a grand scale and that’s a good thing. Screw you Nazi!”

  11. @Dr Evil – I think the ancient Romans got there a whisker before the organic chemists. Cis in Latin means ‘on this side of’ and trans on the far side of.

  12. If you allow for the fact that the majority of the gays/lesbos/bi’s are also Cis… about 99.5% of humanity.

    100% of humanity. As Dr Evil points out, the terms “cis” and “trans” are meaningless when applied to humans. A mentally ill man who believes he is a woman, or indeed some sort of new gender, is a man.

  13. “Cis in Latin means ‘on this side of’ and trans on the far side of.”


    Cisalpine and Transalpine Gaul being the classic (ha!) examples.

  14. Just look at the linguistic somersaults they must do to speak so matter-of-factly about permanently fucking with a child’s physical psychological health.

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