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No, no, they didn’t

Floods destroyed at least 4m acres of farmland, and with large areas still under water, new crops cannot be sown

If the farmland has been destroyed then no new crops can ever be planted upon them – they’re destroyed, right?

The crops on that land, for this season, may well have been destroyed. But the farmland hasn’t been. Because fresh water flooding doesn’t destroy a piece of land – how does anyone think water meadows work?

7 thoughts on “No, no, they didn’t”

  1. That’s about 16000 sq km or 4/5ths of the size of Wales.
    Do Guardian journalists know any arithmetic these days

  2. 4/5ths of the size of Wales.

    I thought the Guardian had gone metric. What’s that in Luxemburgs ?

    Anyway haven’t they now git a nice new covering of fertile silt on their fields ?

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