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andrew ross says:
September 30 2022 at 4:03 pm
“OK then – tell me why it will slide”

Because increasing the money in circulation will increase prices. And with incessant printing and which international counterparts would own sterling? Especially with interest rates at zero and bond yields suppressed through QE.

Richard Murphy says:
September 30 2022 at 5:15 pm
There is no evidence of this anywhere in the world, including here from 2009 – 2021

This is a neoliberal fantasy of the sort now crashing the economy

Let’s deal in facts, shall we?

4 thoughts on “Oh, right”

  1. Wouldn't you own sterling to get dollars?

    Does Venezuela have an unlimited dollar swap line with the Fed, who prints the world’s best money, as markets have again and again decided through inflation, deficits, depressions?

  2. Chained inflation was around 3% from 2009-2021.
    I’ve asked Spud what he thinks caused that. He seemed to just think it was the natural order of things.

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