Oh, right

But those stories weren’t about passing legislation, at least on their face; they were typically aimed at a presumed audience of parents. The Atlantic emblazoned on a 2018 cover the words: “Your child says [he’s] trans. [He] wants hormones and surgery. [He’s] 13.” Only it didn’t use the right pronouns to refer to the real trans boy who served as its model.

So when we talk about ripping out the reproductive organs of a child who doesn’t know what they’re doing it’s very, very, important that we use the right pronouns, right?

5 thoughts on “Oh, right”

  1. All this trans stuff is, I predict going to be viewed in the future like lobotomy.
    When it first was invented, the guy won a fucking Nobel prize. Yay! Follow the science bigots! If you’re anti-lobotomisation, you’re anti-science!

    Now we view lobotomy as abhorrent.
    So maybe, just maybe, not slavishly following the science sometimes is a good idea…

  2. It’s funny how you don’t get to decide anything at 13, but that for some unfathomable reason some people feel life-changing decisions regarding mutilation of the body that ordinarily would be refused outright by surgeons even in adults without extremely good reasons should be the sole right of the child going through puberty without any interference from the adults supposedly protecting said child from harm.

    The kids certainly aren’t allowed easily reversable things like piercings/tattoos without parental presence/consent.

    Ah well… if it is genetic… Certainly removes them from the equation..

  3. I do have to agree. This is simply another fashion, that in the future will be regarded as disgusting.

    The whole point of childhood is that the kids need training by adults to cope with the real world. Provided they can manage this, their personal preferences are no one else’s concern.

    Still, I suppose you have a point Grikath. In the good old days, the unfit would be weeded out of the tribe by bashing their head in, dumping them on a rubbish heap or chucking them off a building. These days we just mutilate them and leave them to a life of misery.

  4. If someone is capable of making such a permanent and life-altering decision about their body, then they must also be capable of moving out of the house and living independently, no?

    You can’t allow a child to make a decision about their reproduction organs when they don’t even fully understand what sex is. For fuck’s sake, they’re still figuring out what the Pen15 club is.

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