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Oh, right then

And those conspiracy theorists got a huge help when Elon Musk shared a blog post on Twitter yesterday claiming Depape was actually a sex worker who was meeting up with Paul Pelosi and things went wrong—a theory that has no basis in fact.

Can’t be true, the media tell us it ain’t true.

Sure, it almost certainly ain’t true. But being told by Gizmodo doesn;t exactly increase my confidence in it not being true.

14 thoughts on “Oh, right then”

  1. Fact Check: there is “no basis in fact” that Paul Pelosi can suck the chrome off a 1959 Plymouth Fury and that vintage American car in his driveway was probably attacked by MAGA Republicans or chupacabra possibly.

  2. “Never believe anything in politics the main stream media until it has been officially denied”.

    Otto von Bismarck

  3. Just saw this:
    Oxane Taub, a nudist activist who’s currently incarcerated in the California Institution for Women after being convicted on abduction charges last year, told ABC7 that DePape, 42, suffered from mental health issues.

    “Hello, this is Gypsy Taub. I am the ex-life partner of David DePape and the mother of his children,” Oxane “Gypsy” Taub told the local media outlet over the weekend. “He is mentally ill. He has been mentally ill for a long time.”

  4. Crime! Politics! Sex! Weirdo cult! Money! Mystery phone call! Murder weapon! An inside job! This story has 100% of the ingredients to sell lots of papers. It’s perfect.
    But it’s about democrats, so they’ll ignore it.

  5. “Can’t be true, the media tell us it ain’t true”

    On the contrary – any time the meeja say something is “Untrue”, “Has no basis in fact”, is “Misinformation” is a “Right Wing Conspiracy” etc, etc it becomes an immediate red flag…

  6. What conspiracy is being claimed? Questions are being asked, but is that not allowed any more? Tell us the answers and we’ll go away. We really do not care as much about Mr P’s dodgy habits and associates as we do about the fact that we are required to swallow as much dubious stuff as he does. He is protected. No body cam footage of this one or his previous DUI arrest. (well, some of that eventually but not much) . And some investigation of his miraculously foresightful investment history wouldn’t go amiss.

  7. The left has for a long time been equating words with violence despite warnings that it would lead to people feeling actual violence was a proportionate response
    Not as if there’s not plenty of examples like the recent attack on Dave Chappelle while on stage

  8. Yeah, well the ‘media’ told us conclusively that Biden Jnr’s laptop wasn’t Biden Jnr’s laptop and anything that said otherwise was fake news.

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