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OK, so we stole the Koh i Noor

Not that I agree that we did, but assume that we did:

“Recent occasions, like Queen Elizabeth II’s death, the coronation of the new Queen Camilla and the use of the Koh-i-Noor do transport a few Indians back to the days of the British Empire in India.”

The thousand-year-old, 105.6 carat diamond is the subject of international dispute, with India, Afghanistan and Iran among the countries laying claim to it. The Royal Collection Trust describes it as being “surrendered” to Queen Victoria “by the Maharaja Duleep Singh in 1849” as part of the Treaty of Lahore, when the Maharaja was aged 11.

OK, so which of the previous thieving bastards should it be returned to? And while we’re at it, why is their thieving fine, ours not?

11 thoughts on “OK, so we stole the Koh i Noor”

  1. I doubt they want it back. They hardly ever said anything previously about wanting it back. Just another excuse to say “Me Me Me Look at Me”

  2. … why is their thieving fine, ours not?

    White people are uniquely bad, that’s why.

    SBML: Just another excuse to say “Me Me Me Look at Me”.

    More like another stick to beat White people with…

  3. Duleep Singh used to live just a few miles from me, and while there built the road to town ‘cos he was fed up of the existing road being underwater at high tide.

  4. Clearly it needs to be returned. I propose a ‘Grand Tournament’ where champions of the various claimants fight it out in an arena using clubs and shields. Last champion standing claims the prize for their country.

  5. I’ll take all this “handing back” stuff seriously when the Republic of Ireland returns the Book of Kells to Scotland.

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