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On this sex change stuff

The consultant insisted that it was not the role of gender identity clinics to conduct detailed scrutiny of a patient’s mental health and that life-altering treatments were ethical, as even if a patient later changed their mind, information they provided had been “correct at the time of writing”.

This is concerning children note……

8 thoughts on “On this sex change stuff”

  1. Quacks working at ‘gender identity clinics’ ought to be struck off and banged up. Every single one of them. And every single clinic closed.

    As someone here has said, why make all this fuss about FGM and then let doctors surgically mutilate children and mentally ill adults? FGM is hideous and crippling but does allow victims to function as women. No functioning as a man for a lad who gets his cock chopped off.

    FGM as a term came about because campaigners felt ‘female circumcision’ didn’t fully describe the horror of this process. I think we could do with a similar term to properly describe “gender reassignment treatment”.

    Any suggestions?

  2. It’s funny how that consultant uses the same exuse in the exact phrasing they once used when it turned out things like electroshock therapy and lobotomy didn’t exactly perform as advertised..

    One wonders….

  3. You’re a nice man MC.

    I’d argue for just striking the heads off and dumping them in landfill. Or burning them as biofuel.

  4. @Boganboy

    Why not put them to use?
    This green revolution needs lots of Cobalt and other rare earths that are mined in Africa in awful conditions.
    Practically child slavery in places.

    Round them up and get them mining cobalt.

    Is a win win.
    Reduces child suffering X2
    Allows those who want to use the glorified golf carts to do so guilt free.
    Allows these people to contribute and repay society for the damage they caused.

  5. The senior medical officer insisted that it was not the role of public health officials to conduct scrutiny of the economic consequences and that lockdowns were ethical.

  6. When Turing foolishly admitted to the police that he’d engaged in homosexual acts, he was offered (and accepted as better than the alternative) chemical castration. This, we now know, was an abomination unto Nuggan.

    Today, if a young boy decides he’s really a girl, we pump them full of much the same chemicals, and this is a great breakthrough for all sorts of liberation.

    How far we’ve progressed!

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