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One of the things that pisses me off

Granting legal rights and protections to non-human entities such as animals, trees and rivers is essential if countries are to tackle climate breakdown and biodiversity loss, experts have said.

The authors of a report titled Law in the Emerging Bio Age

Experts here are highly partial activists.

Dr. Schultz is an academically trained futurist
with over forty years of global foresight practice,
and Director of Infinite Futures, as well as Futures
Puzzlemaster at Jigsaw Foresight.

Dr Trish O’Flynn joined Jigsaw Foresight in
2021 after a twenty-year career across academia
and national policy-making focussed on applied
interdisciplinary solutions to contemporary
challenges using systems thinking.

They’re not even lawyers……that’s a very American practice, descriving the activists as “experts”. Less of this, please.

12 thoughts on “One of the things that pisses me off”

  1. Less of this, please

    Don’t say that! This blog is enlivened by people like Interrogation Mark and Thomas the *ank Engine. I’m sure everyone misses DNR Reid as much as I do.

  2. A neat example illustrating why “rights” as a concept is bollocks. None of the things mentioned are aware they might have “rights”or any means of exercising them, if they did.
    What’s actually being talked about is obligations being imposed. So the questions would be, upon who & to who?

  3. M’kay… They don’t even get the basic concept of preservation laws right..
    Those tell humans what they can’t do in an area, because [reasons]. They don’t impart “rights” on anything within them.

    But you’ve got to laugh at “Professional Futurist”.
    mme. Clostridio at the travelling fair does a better job with her cards and crystal ball. And is much more entertaining and deserving of the title.

  4. @BiS: very true, though if only the rivers had personifications as in Ben Aaronovitch’s urban fantasy series… They’d kick some arse!

  5. I love it that he’s not just any common or garden futurist, such as you might find drinking meths and living in a cardboard box under Charing Cross arches, but an honest to God academically trained one!
    These people really do get wrapped up in the parts they’re playing, don’t they?

  6. Useful heuristic: expertise speaks for itself; anyone described as an expert isn’t one.

    Also +1 to @bloke in spain: anything that can’t exercise rights doesn’t have them; someone else has powers – and a bunch of (conveniently neglected) principal-agent problems.

  7. “Dr. Schultz is an academically trained futurist”

    By contrast Dr E. A. I. Mee is an academically trained fuckoffist.

  8. Tim

    The link attached to “partial activists” goes to your PC’s Downloads folder


  9. Well once they have Rights, they will be actionable in Court for abuse of each others Rights.

    Rex v Renard Tod, fox of this parish. You are accused that on the fifth day of April last you did with malice and aforethought chase, worry to death and devour Ms Henrietta hen, spinster of this same parish, contrary to the Common Law of all things animal vegetable and mineral. How say you, guilty or not guilty?

  10. John B: well it might come back. Animals were tried historically. I assumed we had got beyond that.

    dearieme: I like your academic specialism! Does it produce results?

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