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Political projection again

The GOP is no longer a normal political party with a single governing philosophy: instead, it’s become a coalition of interest groups, each seeking its own ends.

Wouldn’t the rational observer say that applies to the Ds rather more?

15 thoughts on “Political projection again”

  1. Steve across the Pond

    As someone I know would say, “With progressives, every day is opposite day.”

    Projection writ large.

  2. The irony is that 99% of salon readers will be life-long democrats while the handful of independents who stumble across that bizarre article will simply shudder and back away slowly.

  3. I was always told that neither US party had an underlying ideology and due to the huge differences across the country the parties were in a state of permanent fraction and only came together at election time to get their man over the line.

  4. Not true now, the Republicans are strongly behind the new popular MAGA movement that would have been called centrist a few years ago. Just as we may get Boris back, the US will probably re-elect DJT for the 3rd time 🙂

  5. Dennis, Your Guide To The USA

    Republicans’ only unifying agenda is hate, fear and groveling to billionaires. They want to rule, but not govern

    The panic is palpable. This is the sort of thing that gets written when a party is on the wrong side of just about every issue that matters. Here in the USA it’s all about the economy, crime, immigration and education. The Democrats are on the wrong side of all four. And what they’re discovering now is that the abortion boogie-man isn’t going to be much of a factor in this election.

  6. The Republican voters may feel that way but their elected representatives led by McConnell and McCarthy will completely ignore them and govern from the slight left of centre rather like our conservative MPs. That was the whole point of Donald Trump, he actually shared their values (to a degree at least).

  7. And yet, we’re still predicted to flip the House next month. Funny how that happened.

    Always the same excuses…

    “They’re not a legitimate party”
    “They’re not the same party they were 5-10 years ago”
    “They’re lying to you”
    “They’re tricking you”
    “They don’t actually care about you”
    “If you vote for them, you’re a racist freak!”
    “Only creepy virgins vote for them”
    “Okay, we hurt your feelings, but we’re sorry, so vote for us”
    “Okay, we fucked up the country too, but we won’t do it this time”
    “TRUMP! For fuck’s sake, TRUMP!”

    Biden recently tweeted that this “isn’t your father’s Republican Party.” Welp, my dad’s still voting for ‘em lol.

  8. The Democrat platform for this election can be summed up rather succinctly:
    Abortion up until the moment of birth.
    Gender reassignment surgery immediately thereafter.

  9. The idea that a party represents a range of views which can be discussed and consensus reached is now considered a bad thing, you just toe the party line or else!

  10. Yes BniC.

    And Dennis, I’d argue that the Dems agenda is hate, fear and grovelling to THEIR billionaires.

  11. @dearieme that was perfect.

    Nowadays, since we have crowdfunding and such, do we even need political parties anymore? Can’t any individual post videos and blog entries, and file the proper paperwork now? Just doesn’t seem like we still need a huge corrupt organization to pressure a candidate into political positions.

  12. As Steve Sailer has said many times, the Democrats are a ‘Coalition of the Fringes’ united only by their hatred of White America.

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