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Seems simple enough

Plan to force ‘decolonisation’ on Welsh universities sparks opposition

Ban the speaking of English.

Going to reduce the number of universities in Wales of course but that’s no bad thing.

10 thoughts on “Seems simple enough”

  1. That’s cool. Ban English, go full Ukrainian. Send them some missiles to stop the English chit-chat.

  2. Does ‘decolonisation’ extend to deporting the descendants of all those immigrants from England in the 18th and 19th centuries that went to work the coal mines? The south wales valleys are going to become ghost towns if so!

  3. Well… You get what you vote for….

    Things like this show how much worse things could be, and will be if the current Labour Party gets its mitts on the Reins of Power in the UK…

    I know quite a few peeps here are dissatisfied with the Tories, and generally quite rightly so, them “lately” being an ineffective shower of backstabbing traitorous shyte.
    But imagine the damage a Labour government would have done…

  4. Who’s been colonising the Welsh universities? From my outside observation, it’s the Woken-SS. So yes, chuck them out.

  5. But imagine the damage a Labour government would have done…

    Thats the terrifying thing. The complete shower of shite we’ve had since Major, all the ‘social justice’, share the proceeds of growth, soft left bullshit, is actually better than current Labour. Starmer and his hard left party would go full-on tax and spend, central control, nationalise everything, max out the credit card. And they would be applauded and egged on by the usual suspects until it was waaaaay to late to salvage even a vestige of what the UK should be (we are probably too late anyway).

  6. As the vast majority of graduates will be looking for British jobs, why would they need to waste their time pretending that Islamic or African arts and technology are as good as ours?

  7. An honours degree in throat clearing on several subjects, with a £90,000 loan? What’s not to like? gifs
    “Hoffech chi sglodion gyda hynny?”

  8. Seen from the perspective of this J. Foreigner, there are two universities in the UK. Neither is in Wales. And I don’t believe that the number of universities can be reduced below zero.

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